Make up Haul - ,

So here it is , my first haul blog post . I personally really enjoy reading and watching make up and clothes hauls . I recently ordered some Red cherry and Ardell fake eyelashes from A few days later decide to go an purchase Anastasia Beverly Hills pomande dipbrow from after eyeing them up for months . I also mention a bit about my first order for both of these sites.
Cannot fault this website at all . It was my first time buying anything from the website . It is a very user friendly website and I had no hassle at all with it . They have a great selection of eyelashes for reasonable prices . Even the shipping is cheap (free shipping for orders over £15 and £2 shipping for orders below ) . When I  ordered from them I got free shipping because I spent over £15 I also got a gift thrown in (a pair of eyelure natural eyelashes). As while as that ardell demi wispies multipack was at a discounted price of £7.50. Absolute bargain . Not to mention extremely fast shipping ! The eyelashes where in perfect condition when they averaged and they all look like they will be lovely on and blend with your natural eyelashes well (I especially love the Red cherry #43 lashes) . Really cant wait to try them on . If your not sure what eyelashes to buy look at there blog post list about there most popular eyelashes in order Red cherry #43 being there most popular (I can see why) . All in all Im delighted with my order and cant wait to try out these eyelashes . Definitely will be buying eyelashes on this site in the future .

It was also my first time ordering off weirdly enough because I have been on the  website before but because it was .com I automatically thought it was American and that the shipping would be too expensive . I was looking up Anastasia Beverley Hills and seen that it was free shipping at the top of there pages for orders over €13 so I obviously couldn't resist. Free shipping said it would take from 5-10 days (you can pay more for a tracked or express parcel) , it took 11 days which is understandable at this busy time of year . Product arrived in great condition and I am in love with the packaging . If I was to own a make up company this would be the dream packaging , it looks so luxurious ! I ordered two dipbrow's in the shades blonde and dark brown. I found it hard deciding which colour to get cause there's so many . I will have a review with pictures of the product on me in a few weeks and to see do they live up to the hype . It should be interesting be see.

Top 5 people to follow on Instagram

Instagram is a fun phone app that allows you to share photos and short videos (up to 15 seconds). Usually if you want to add a cool filter to a photo you took on your camera you would have to buy a filter camera accessories or upload it to an online editing website. Instagram makes adding a filter to your pictures easy and quick. It’s a free app and if your looking for inspiration or just bored on your lunch break then this is the app for you. I follow a lot of accounts on instagram so I found it hard to choose just 5 accounts but with the process of elimination I managed to pick just 5 accounts I think everyone needs to follow. This list ranges from celebrities to fashion illustrators. In no particular order here is my top 5:

1. Kristina Bazan – 1.2m followers

Kristina is the owner of the fashion blog ‘Kayture’ . She started off blogging in her room a young girl with a big dream, with her success she now has a team of people working with her including a photographer that travels everywhere with her .Her style is very classic and feminine with a modern touch, its obvious why she front row at most fashion week shows and was even back stage at the Victoria Secret fashion show this year and on board the Victoria secret private jet were she set next to supermodel Adriana Lima. She also won ‘blogger of the year’ by Bloglovin’ which is a big achievement in the blogging industry .Her instagram account consists of loads of travel and fashion photos. It seems like she’s in a different country every week. But beware looking through her photos you might just get a little jealous.

2. Kyle Jenner – 15.3m followers

Kyle is one of the top ten most followed celebrity on instagram . Like her sister Kim Kardashian she is known to take quite a few instagram selfies. Her style and the make up she wears has kind of a 90s grunge feel to it.  Everyone has been also obsessing over her make up recently, especially the lip colour she wears (which is mac lip pencil in ‘whirl’). She takes pictures of her day-to-day life that usually includes photo-shoots, interviews with top magazines and hanging out with friends in LA. Definitely not the life of your average 17 year old.

3. Hayden Williams – 1m followers

Hayden is a British fashion illustrator and designer. This man is unbelievably talented, you might want to make yourself a cup of tea while your scrolling through his account , you could easily spend hours looking at his work. He did a drawing of Kate Moss for her lipstick collection for Rimmel and it is seen in most pharmacies that sell Rimmel . Celebrities like Rihanna and Oprah have reposted drawing of themselves that he has done complementing his work.

4. Jen Selter - 5m followers

When you hear you alarm go off at half six and you hear the wind howl outside it can easily put you off getting up and getting fit. While you lay in bed debating about getting up and going for a jog go on to Jen Selters instagram account. Just looking at her pictures will have you motivated enough to get out of bed and do some exercise. Jen says, “It takes dedication, perseverance, hard work and consistency. There is no secret pill, no special diet.” It seems like she never leaves the gym!

5. Linda Hallbergs - 482K followers

Linda Hallbergs is a Swedish make up artist, hair stylist and beauty blogger. Her make up looks are always creative/edgy and her blending is flawless. Even when she is creating a bridal look it will never be the usual bridal make up she always switches it up by adding colour . Looking through her instagram account will make you want to get out your make up kit and play around with colour .

So that’s my recommendations but whatever your into it being make-up or gardening you will find loads of people with similar interest on this app. Great app for the wannabe photographers. This blog post is kind of different from the rest but I like switching it up from time to time . Hope you enjoyed reading this post .

Burnt Orange and Cream - Make up Step By Step

My next look I will need to focus on the lips because this look is once again all about the eyes . Burnt orange is one of my favourite colours for eye make-up especially on blue eyes, It really makes blue eyes pop! I did this make up look before work one morning while watching an episode of gossip girl at the  same time and if I was to do it again there is a few things I would of perfected more and maybe have applied some individual lashes . But I like the over all look so I thought I would write a step by step guide on how to achieve this make up look .

Step 1 : Coffee (or any source of caffeine)
Step 2 : Apply Nyx Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk all over your eyelid and blend it out with a fluffy blending brush.
Step 3 : Using Foxy from my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette I packed it over the milk eye pencil , not applying any cream to theouter corner of my eyes .
Step 4:I then blended out Make up Designory blush in brick with a fluffy brush into my socket.
Step 5 : Apply some of the same Make up designory blush under your eyelid using a small flat brush.
Step 6 : Darken up your socket then by applying some dark brown eye shadow with a pencil brush.
Step 7 : Using my black inglot gel eyeliner in 77  I winged out the eyeliner and applied some of the black eyeliner to my tight line .
Step 8: I then applied Make up Designory eye pencil in Auburn to my waterline .
Step 9 : Coat your lashes with some mascara , I used Maybelline Great lash in Blackest Black.


Step 1 : I Used Maybelline New York master shape eyebrow pencil in dark blonde, it has a waxy fomula that keeps my eyebrows in place.
Step 2: Using and angled brush I used my favourite Inglot Eyeshadow - Matte Brown 342 to fill in my brows .
Step 3 : I then concealed around my eyebrows with Graftobian HD glamour cream in sunrise flush.


Step 1 : Mix mac studio fix foundation with my embroylisse lait crème to get a lighter coverage.
Step 2 : With a fluffy brush I applied mac pinch o peach(discontinued ,peach by nyx is similar) blush to the apples of my cheeks.
Step 3 : Applied some Sleek bronzer from the face form palette in fair under my cheekbones and on my temples.


Step 1 : I then ate my breakfast and by this time I was nearly running late so I applied some rosy lips  by Vaseline to my lips .


5 reason you need this eyeshadow colour

Todays Blog post is about my most reached for eye shadow (Inglot Eyeshadow - Matte Brown 342) and who would of thought ? It just looks like a boring old matte brown shadow but trust me you need it. After purchasing the Urban Decay naked 2 palette I realised I was in need of some matte eye shadow for my kit . Too much shimmer eye shadow doesn't look great on older skin as the can sometimes make the wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area more noticeable also you really can go wrong with a matte eye shadow .My friend bought me an Inglot freedom system palette with 3 eye shadows and there was a place for one more eye shadow so when I was in Dublin a while after that I decided to head towards there South Anne Street Inglot store and purchase this eye shadow so that my Inglot palette was complete . Here are 5 reason why I love this eye shadow so much :

1 . The price. €6 ! I personally think its a bargain for the quality and the amount of the eye shadow you get . Mac eyeshadow is €10 and has a lot less product in it .

2 . Works well on every eye colour . Teenagers , Adults , people with green , blue or brown  trust me it will suit you ! Great colour for those who aren't that confident at doing there own make up . Also matte brown will never go out of trend.

3. Its the perfect eye shadow transition colour . Especially with a brown , black or orange smokey eye look. A transition colour is a colour you blend out in the socket line of your eye so you don't have a  harsh lines between your brow bone & your eyeshadow . Your eyeshadow will look well blended and will gradual fade into you skin.

4. Great Eyebrow Colour . Believe or not it works on blondes , light brunettes and red heads . It just depends how lightly or strongly you apply it . I like to use and angled eyebrow brush to apply it and conceal around my eyebrows then to make my eyebrows look more defined .

5. Nicely pigmented . Inglot eyeshadows are probably the most popular product from Inglot because they have a nice texture and are really pigmented . If you don't believe me look up more reviews on there eyeshadows and I am sure they will all say the same.

I have used this eyeshadow in my previous make up looks on my blog , have a look if you want to see this eyeshadow being used .

Pop of Purple

I did this make up a day last week , when I was going to lunch with my mother . Recently I have been trying to incorporate more colour into my make-up looks , I started doing a natural brown eye with winged eyeliner , then I thought I would add some blue eyeliner ( it looks purple in the photo but I swear its blue) on my waterline and blended out some purple eye shadow underneath. Purple is great for making brown eyes pop. I have very little colour on the rest of my face because I wanted my eyes to be the main focus of the look . Highlight in my tear duct is as become a reoccurring step in my make up routine as of lately , it really makes your eyes look more awake looking. Here's a product list of everything on my face , if any of the products interest you , you can just click on the product and it will take you to a website were you can purchase the product .

Product List
Waterline eyeliner : Penny's eyeliner - Blue
Inner Tear duct Highlight : Wet'n'wild Cover All Palette