Back like I Never Left

Hey It’s me again 🙋‍♀️

Its been three years since my last blog post. Wasnt sure if I was ever going to get into it again because life has been busy but not gonna lie I’ve missed it. A lot has changed in 5 years ... ALOT.

I’ve had different jobs, relationships, friendships & lived in different locations. Many lessons learned, I suppose that’s what your early 20s are for.
I’m still Alannah who loves makeup. But know I also love other things aswell like fitness & looking after my mind body & soul aswell as painting my face.

My blog from now on will consist of fitness, makeup, fashion, selfcare & everything I love.
I hope you all enjoy this journey with me I’m  happy to be back doing something I love. Just an excuse for me to buy more makeup for ‘reviews’. 
Love,Alannah xxx