Halloween Make-up : Queen of Hearts - Step by Step

I really couldn't think of a Halloween Make-up look to do today , i spent hours looking online for inspiration and I was debating weather to do a harley quinn make up look or queen of hearts . I ended up going with queen of hearts (as you probably guessed from the title) . I just started messing around with red,black and white (colours that are in a pack of cards) and this is what i ended up with . There are a lot of steps but i hope its easy to follow .

Step 1 : Cleanse , tone and moisturise your face . 
Step 2 : Using a damp beauty blender apply your foundation .
Step 3 : Conceal any blemishes and under eye bags .
Step 4 : Using a blusher brush contour under your cheekbones using the red aquacolor from Kryolan aquacolor palette also contour the sides of your nose using a eyeshadow blending brush.
Step 5 : Dampen a small brush and apply the red aquacolor from the Kryolan aquacolor palette in a heart shape around your face , turning up in a point on your chin .
Step 6 : Fill in the outer half of the heart red .
Step 7 : With a small brush paint some black hearts , red hearts and white hearts all different sizes on your right cheek . 

Eyes & Eyebrows
Step 8 : Fill in your eyebrows with an angled eyeliner brush using black aquacolor . 
Step 9 : Apply a white cream eyeshadow as a base .
Step 10 : Set the white cream eyeshadow with some white eyeshadow . 
Step 11 : Using red aqua colour and an eyeliner brush create an eyeliner flick starting at the end of your eye . 
Step 12 : Apply black eyeliner on your bottom lash line and smudge it out using a small smudger brush.
Step 13 : Apply some mascara to your top eyelashes.
Step 14 : Apply some Kryolan white supracolor to your bottom lashes and waterline.

Step 15 : Using a lip brush apply black aquacolour to your lips . 
Step 16 : Apply some red eyeshadow to the centre of your lips .