1950s Hollywood Glamour - Make Up Tutorial

Modern twist on a Marilyn Monroe 1950s inspired make up .  A very classic look that will suit everyone and never dates  . Its like the little black dress of the make up world , always a safe bet .
Lets jump straight into the tutorial
Eyes & Eyebrows
Step 1 : Starting off with the eyes as usual so any fall out from the eyeshadow can be easily removed without wrecking the make up . I primed the eyelids with a white jumbo pencil .
Step 2 : Set the eyelid primer in place with some cream eyeshadow .
Step 3 : With a fluffy blending brush blend a light orange/brown colour into the out corners of your eyes  .
Step 4 : With a smaller detailer brush apply a darker brown into the very corner of your eyelid in a 'v' shape .
Step 5 : Blend out any harsh edges with an eyeshadow blending brush .
Step 6 : Blend some of the soft brown eyeshadow underneath your bottom lash line also.
Step 7 : Line your waterline with a white eye pencil . This little trick helps the eyes to appear bigger and brighter .
Step 8 : Now on to the fun part ... winged eyeliner . I have a detailed winged eyeliner blog post here . But basically I start with some gel eyeliner and a thin brush create the outer part of the wing first to know my angle . I then I go to the inner corner of my eye and join the line to the wing I created .
Step 9 : Apply Mascara .
Step 10 : I then applied lashes , this step is optional . I love fuller looking lashes for special occasions like this so I applied one of my favourite lashes , Ardell Demi wispies . Duo glue was the adhesive I used .
Step 11 : I brushed her eyebrows up then across to get them in shape I then applied a small bit of Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in blonde with an angled brush starting at the outer part of her eyebrow working my way in . With this product a little goes a long way so I used light strokes . To keep her eyebrows in place I applied some clear mascara over the top of them .
Step 12 : I wiped away any fall out from the eyeshadow then applied some Serozinc from La Roche Posay to a cotton pad an applied it to her face . This preps the skin nicely for make up application.
Step 13 : I applied some illuminator before foundation to give a nice healthy appearance to the skin and to give some moisture to the skin .
Step 14 : I pumped out so foundation onto my palette an applied it to the skin using a stippling brush .
Step 15 : I applied some concealer under her eyes then applied loads of powder on top and left it to bake. I applied some concealer under her eyebrows also to make them more defined .
Step 16 : I went in with contouring sticks , contouring her temples , under her cheekbones, sides of her nose and jawline . I blended them out with a damp beauty blender .
Step 17 : I then powdered her skin to keep it matte and to keep everything in place with a translucent powder . With a clean powder brush I dusted away any excess powder from her under eyes .
Step 18 : I then went over the places I cream contoured and powder contoured for a more dramatic effect  .
Step 19 : I applied some highlighter to the tip of her cupids bow , nose and the tops of her cheekbones .
Step 20 : I applied some red lip liner .
Step 21 : Using a small lip brush I applied red lipstick to her lips .
Lastly I set her face with some setting spray to insure it lasted all night .
Product List

Illuminator : Kiko cosmetics glowing serum
Foundation : Make up Forever HD foundation
Setting powder : Ben Nye neutral set
Contour : Kiko cosmetics contour sticks & Smashbox powder contour set
Highlighter : Kiko cosmetics eyeshadow in 208
Setting Spray : Urban Decay all nighter setting spray
Concealer : Urban Decay Weightless coverage concealer in fair neutral

Eyes & Eyebrows

Eyelid Primer : Nyx Milk Jumbo pencil
Eyeshadows : Make up Geek - Latte , Make up Geek - Peach Smoothie , Inglot - 342 , Inglot - 329 , Urban Decay - Foxy , Urban Decay - Blackout
Eyeliner : Maybelline Gel eyeliner In Charcoal
Mascara : Maybelline Great Lash
Fake Eyelashes : Ardell Demi Wispies
Eyebrows : Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde
Eyebrow Mascara  : Natural Collection Clear Mascara

Lipstick : Kryolan
Lipliner : Mac Ruby Woo

The hair is just the icing on the cake with this look . My friend Veronica did it . Very 50s .
So that's it for  this tutorial I was delighted with the way it turned out . They make up and hair really suited the red dress she was wearing .

Feel free to message or comment below any make up questions you may have , I am always happy to help .

Thanks for reading , and have a lovely week .

Alannah x


Thoughts On Fake Make-Up

Something I have wanted to write about for a while now is 'fake make up ' . The kind of make up you would find on websites like 'Alliexpress' , cheap make up that copies well known make up brands products .

The word 'dupe' is used a lot by beauty bloggers but this is different , a dupe is a product that are not trying to exactly copy another make up products. They have there own  name , own packaging and just happen to be similar and cheaper then and expensive brands products .

I just want to state I am not talking about brands like 'Maybelline' or 'Loreal' from the chemist . I am talking about those fake designer make up products that claim they are authentic . When buying make up quality really is the main thing .If your buying mac at a market stall I can almost guarantee its fake . Mac only sell there products in there stores and there online website . If you see there make up anywhere else your not guaranteed its authentic .

I also see a lot of fake real technique brushes online . Real technique brushes for the quality are reasonably priced.

What I am trying to say here is save up and buy the real thing instead of buying a lot of bad quality eye shadow just because it says 'Mac' on it .

Quality over Quantity .

Alannah x

Beauty Products I've Been Loving

I don't write monthly favourites a lot because I can find they can get a little repetitive . Some months I have no new favourites to show and others I have tons . I haven't done one in a while so I thought I would write one about my new favourites .

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Believe it or not this is my first full size bottle of the Urban Decay setting spray. Its  a product I have always wanted but never got round to buying it . After applying your make up (you  can even apply it before ) close your eyes hold the bottle arms length distance from your face and spray . I usually spray it four times altogether once in each area my forehead , chin , left cheek and right cheek. I usually only use this on clients and on myself if its a special occasion . It is on the expensive side of the setting sprays so I wouldn't go spraying it all over the place.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer

Full coverage but lightweight ? Not two words that usually go together but this concealer really is both of those descriptions. It has a small flexible wand that make the concealer easy to apply to the skin . Once applied to the skin I blend it out with a brush or my finger.

Make Up Forever HD Foundation

Full in depth review : Click Here . Just an amazing foundation . Matte without being to flat on the skin and invisible on the skin .Light to medium that could be worked with for a full coverage .

Mac Ruby Roo Lipstick & Lip liner

Red lips are such a classic . I think 1950s when I see a red lip .Ruby woo is that classic matte red that you would imagine Marilynn Monroe wearing .

Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan Mousse

I have been really white this year from not going on a sun holiday and Ireland being rainy so I decided I might as well fake it . Also its much more safer for your skin then laying out in the sun anyway . I would begrudge spending big money on a bottle of tan that would only last me three/four uses so I always try find a good bargain. After hearing everyone rave about this tan I thought it was about time to see what all the fuss is about and oh my .. I wish I done it sooner . The business woman behind it all is Irish too , which makes me love it even more . Love seeing Irish women(and men) do well for themselves .

Crown Round Blender Make up Brush

I have had this brush for years its one of those brushes I will be obsessed with for a month then forget about it for a month then be obsessed with it again . Its good for under eye concealer , buffing in foundation around the nose and chin , contouring , highlighting and even blending out eyelid primer .

Alannah x

Make Up Forever HD Foundation - Review

Why did I ever stray from this foundation is the question I'm asking myself? I bought make up forever HD foundation a few years ago at Imats London . I loved make up at the time but I don't think I fully appreciated this foundation . After trying and testing so many foundations from high end to low end , this foundation comes out as one of my favourites .

Two disappointments lately where the Smashbox and Chanel foundation that I splurged out on that didn't quite have the quality that I thought there hefty price tag deserved . This foundation although expensive is worth every single Penney .

This foundation lasts so well . I will apply it early in the morning and it will still be perfect till night time . Even if I go to the gym with this on it will still be half decent on my face when I am finished  . Most other foundations end up disappearing .

I would say its the perfect balance between thick and liquidy . Its the perfect in-between balance of Mac studio fix to Chanel aqua foundation .

The finish it leaves on the skin is matte . Its so seamless and really looks airbrushed . Its made for HD television so its made to last well under lights , cameras and be undetectable on the skin .

Its a light to medium coverage foundation but could be worked with to create a full coverage . With two pumps you will achieve a nice natural complexion and just build it up for the look you desire .

Colour Range
Make up forever have such a good colour range with 26 different skin tones ranging from pale to dark .

Price And Where You Can Purchase It
Price wise its on the expensive side , but unlike some expensive foundations I can honestly say its worth every penny . You can buy it on the Make Up Forever website or in a Make Up Forever shop . I bought mine on Guru Make up Emporium  for £29 .

The brand has and Ultra HD foundation out as well now that I would love to try . Anyone in the market for a flawless in real life and on camera foundation , this is it . An old reliable .

Thanks For Reading ,
Alannah x