New Love For Lipgloss

From doing make up all the time you sometime come across ways ,tricks or products that make you life a whole lot easier and you wished you had of known about them before to save you a lot of time . I have recently started using lipgloss on the daily (<who even says that) and cant believed I been without it for so long . I have always been the kind of girl who spends all of her time creating the perfect(look who's cocky) winged liner and ends up running out the door with nothing on my lips (sorry lip product lovers) . Lipgloss used to annoy me so much especially with having long hair , if the wind blew in the wrong way I would end up with a mouth full of hair (which is not fun).

Lipgloss works wonders on my mature woman , there lips tend to be thinner and with lip liner and lip-gloss they turn into Angelie Jolie (maybe slightly over exaggerated) the glossiness creates the illusion of bigger, fuller lips . I am not a fan of sticky lip glosses though.

The pictures I have included with this blog post are some of my favourite lipglosses.  I would do a review on all of these lipglosses but there all very alike non -sticky, a nice mild scent and glossiness with pigment but not to much pigment (which I like for when I wear lipstick underneath and still want to be able to see the lipstick)  , I know what I like when it comes to lipgloss .

If your new to lipgloss I recommend you trying out 'Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss In Dazzle Glow' its a sheer gloss with a pink sheen to it , a natural lip gloss and a dark smokey eye are the perfect combination for a night out make up look .



Pictorial : Purple Smokey Eye

I did this in no time , its really easy to achieve , but once again as it always is with creating the perfect smokey eye ,its all about the blending.
Product List
Eye Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion - Original
Mascara: Maybelline Great lash - Blackest Black

Hope you all enjoy this look , more blog posts on the way this Wednesday and Thursday .

French Skincare Review

Between Food, Fashion and Skincare theres not much the french do wrong .My parents recently took a trip to France . I remembered seeing a video Lisa Eldrigde did a few years ago on french skincare and I was running low on my skincare products (Matis Paris - cleaner , toner, moisturiser- eye make up remover, another French skincare brand) so I did some research in the best french skincare products and gave my parents some money and a list . They went to a chemist in a small town which to my surprise had everything on the list . The list included Bioderma, Le Roche Posay -Serionic , Le Roche Poshe- Effaclar Duo ,Le Roche Posay- Effaclar  Purifying Cleansing Gel ,NUXE Riev Miele - Lip balm , Embryolisse Lait -Crème Concentré been about two months since they were in french but i wanted to properly test out these skincare products before i did a review on them. I don't have the receipt anymore so not sure about the prices but all I know is it was far cheaper then buying skincare products in Ireland. For all these products it cost around 60 euros. The woman in the chemist also give my parents loads of  La Roche Posay tester samples .

Bioderma-500ml twin pack
This is one product that a lot of make up artists are obsessed with. I was slightly nervous about using it at the start in case it didn't live up to my high expectations , but luckily it did . This product is constantly been stolen from my room and I find it in my mother or sisters room . We all love it . I also use it before I moisturise any clients getting there make up done because it leaves there skin feeling fresh and completely free of any trace of makeup. It has no scent and works well on sensitive skin .
I pour a little bit of the Bioderma onto a cotton pad and it removes all my make up(even waterproof mascara) so easily , no tugging at your skin. Its just as handy as a make up wipe and obviously a lot better for your skin. It also last a long time I'm only half way through one bottle and i used it everyday . Anyway enough rambling , if you haven't tried it yet , i would definitely recommend ordering one online . 5/5

Embryolisse Lait- Crème Concentré
 This moisturisers going down a treat , need to repurchase . Me and my mom both use this an both love it . Its a really rich moisturisers and I find my skin really soaks it up . Im not really a fan of the feeling of any moisturiser in general when you first apply it . I find this cream works better as a night cream rather then a day cream though , because it does take awhile to completely settle into your skin so i would wait 20 minutes or so before you apply makeup . When I apply it before bed my skin feels so soft and glowy in the morning . Don't forget to apply suncream as-well with this cream because it doesn't have an spf .Would recommend for this moisturiser for make up artists kit because it works well on every skin type and has no harsh smell.4/5

NUXE Reve de Miel- lip balm (stick form,twin pack)
Apparently the stick form isn't as good as the pot version but i love it so i can't wait to get my hands on the jar in the future . It smells so luxurious and is a real treat for your lips especially if you don't want a shiny finish on your lips but want them moisturised. This came in a twin pack. I would of preferred in the pot form. 4/5

Le Roche Posay- Effaclar Duo 
This product claims to prefect imperfections . I think I'm allergic to something in this product because i got a rash on my chin and got some dry patches on my face ,  so sadly I didn't get to experience the full effect . Really like the light texture , but not to keen on the smell , to me it smells like window cleaner . Its works so well for a lot of people so I can't really give it a mark out of five just because I've had a reaction to the product, also I don't have oily skin so I am probably going to give it to someone who does.

Le Roche Posay- Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel
This came with the Effaclar Duo and also didn't work well with my skin.So for that reason I can't mark it out of five either , disappointed that I didn't research both theses products (Efflaclar Duo) enough , because I don't have oily skin , so how could I expect it to work on my skin.

Le Roche Posay - Serionic
A lot of people walkabout this on french skincare posts and blogs but i found that they never really explain what it is/does . I thought since everyone loved it so much that id give it a try . What it is a Zinc Sulphate solution spray , that calms and cleanses the skin . It can be used as a toner for oily skin or you can uses it to cleanse irritated  skin (raser burn etc) . I don't use this all the time , its not one of those products I couldn't live without . I really use it in the morning to freshen up my skin in the morning to make me more awake looking , its also good after a night out when you feel like death.But at the end of the day water in a spray bottle would probably do the same job. Could possibly work better on oilier skins .3/5