Easy Sugar Skull Tutorial

Easy , quick and cheap , three words we all love to hear ! Well here's my first Halloween video tutorial and its all three of these things . All you need is some face paint and 15 minutes .

Water activated paints used to achieve this look are from the Wolfe Fx Hydrocolor 12 colour Palette .

I only did one half of my face I was going to do my whole face but the last few years I have noticed
a lot of people seem to like these half face Halloween make up looks . If you wanted your full face like a sugar skull you could always just duplicate the sugar skull side .

Its one of those looks where you could easily add your own twist too , different colours or different patterns . I kept my design pretty simple and used only white , black , purple and pink face paints .

If you are thinking of dressing up as a sugar skull for Halloween you could wear a dress and flower crown to match the look .

Another blog post will be up this week , hope you found this video helpful and thanks for watching .

What Halloween make up look do you want to see me recreate next ?

Alannah x

Halloween Series : Where I Buy My Special Effects Make up

If your looking to up your level this Halloween with your costume , the local Halloween shops usually just have the basic special effects make up from un known brands costume shop brands. Some of them are decent and do the job but if you want good quality make up then theses two websites are your best bet . Really there's only two Irish Website FaceFXMakeupSupplies.ie and American website CameraReadyCosmetics.com that I order from  . Both websites of a high standard , great customer service and fast , decants priced delivery .

I go on FaceFx first because there and Irish Business , supporting local and all that then if they don't have a product I will go on Camera Ready Cosmetics . Also it makes more sense getting it from FaceFx if they have it because its in euro and takes like two days to deliver . They have a wide range of products including all the basic products liquid latex ,  spirit gum , fx wax , bald caps etc. . They stock brands like Kryolan , Ben Nye , Graftobian and Wolfe Fx .

Camera Ready cosmetics takes longer shipping for Irish buyers , usually takes around ten days which is still really good considering its the opposite side of the world . They have a huge selection on make up from spfx , body painting and airbrushing .

I will have Halloween special effects make up blogpost/videos up from now till Halloween . First one already recorded and ready to be uploaded . That will included mostly tutorials and possibly a blog post on a basic Halloween make up kit .  This would be for people that are really interest in Halloween make up .

Is there any Halloween look you want to see me recreate ? If so comment below or message me on my Facebook page  . I gladly take on any suggestions .

Thanks for reading !

Alannah x

Autumn/Winter Make-up Tutorial

This videos pretty self explanatory I think . Below I have written out a product list with links of where to get the products I used in the video . This look is dark & vampy and a nice make up look for a night out . I could really see black leather going well with this look . Hope the voice over doesn't give anyone a headache  ,it was giving me a headache the amount of times I had to record it , haha .

Product List
Burgandy Eyeshadow : Make up Geek Eyeshadow in Bitten
Individual Eyelashes : Available in Penneys all around Ireland 
My Youtube Channel :  click here  , subscribe for more videos .
Thanks for watching !
Alannah x

How Long Should You Keep Your Make Up ?

Yep if you didn't already know , make up doesn't last forever . Just like food with a longer use by date thankfully .You probably have noticed this little image on products for years some of you may already know this tells you how long a product can be used for . The products pictured below have 12M written on them which means 12 months . Its not like the product will go mouldy or anything after 12 months but it might not be up to its usual standard either . It could possibly separate in the bottle or irritate your skin . Its on most beauty products not just make up so when your clearing out your drawers you can know what to throw out now . Keep in mind this 'use by date' is from the first time you open the product . Mascaras generally have a shorter life span where as powders usually last longer .

Autumn/Winter Make up Tutorial will be uploaded the start of next week then its all Halloween Special Effects up to Halloween . Just waiting on more stuff to arrive . If you have any Halloween make up suggestions for me to create you can message me or comment below .
Thanks for reading , I hope it was somewhat helpful to those who didn't know what that symbol meant .
Alannah x

Top 3 Pharmacy Drugstore Products + Sarah Ailison

This is my first video where I am actually talking in up on my Youtube channel featuring a friend of mine , Sarah who also has a Youtube channel . I really think videos are a nice extra with a blog post .

Her Youtube channel is all about , beauty , make up fashion lifestyle and helpful videos . She has started a series for college freshers giving all kinds of advice for students in there first year of college . We also did a video on Sarah's channel that will be up soon .

Sarah's Youtube Channel : Click  Here .

My Youtube Channel : Click Here .

I will be uploading Halloween tutorials soon , so keep an eye out for that .

Links to Products Mentioned
Sarah's Top 3 Products
My Top 3 Products

Next blog post will be up on Friday . Thanks for reading/watching and hope you all have a nice week .

Alannah x

Cut Crease Video Tutorial

Who doesn't love a good cut crease ? I recorded this video a while back but never got round to editing it but after finding a picture of the cut crease the last day I decided to go ahead , edit the video and upload it . No joke uploading it took a full day , the internet in the countryside in Ireland is really slow.

This cut crease is very wearable for a night out , I used browns and cream because I wanted it more Hollywood glamour and not borderline drag (as much as I love how skilful drag queens are at make up) .

With a cut crease you want it blended but not completely blended out , you want to see the 'cut' . I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Dark Brown (originally meant for your eyebrows ) first then started blending it out with a brown eyeshadow  ,I then started building up the colour my repeating this step a few times. To make the cut more defined I apply concealer below the cut crease then packed on some cream eyeshadow to set it .

Check back next week for and exciting video . Going to start getting into videos more because there easier to recreate then reading a step by step , so please subscribe to my Youtube channel to keep up to date .  Hope you all have enjoyed reading .Have a nice week everyone .

Have you ever tried a cut crease ?

Alannah x

Best Face Primer ? Men's Shaving Balm ?

'Why the heck are you buying that Alannah ?' is the question I got from my friend(and everyone else) while buying this in Superdrug . Well what if I told you it was an amazing face primer , yes you read that right, FACE PRIMER!

I was watching one of Nikkie Tutorial's Youtube videos a while back where she mentioned that this Nivea Men post shaving balm worked really well as a primer . I recently decided to put it to the test .

One of the main ingredients in this product is glycerine which makes things have that kind of tacky sticky feel so this really helps your make up stick and stay in place . When you initially pour some of the product out the consistency is really liquidy so you don't need very much for your whole face . I pat it into my skin then leave it for around five minutes so it becomes less tacky in the way it feels . The manly smells goes away once the balm is dried in so don't worry about going around smelling like a man . The consistency is more of a liquidy serum texture rather then a balm/ moisturiser texture .

I personally never have really any serious problems with my foundation lasting power but I know with this product that my foundation will look the same even after 10 hours wear .

So if you have any man in your life , steal there nivea men shaving balm and your make up  will stay put all night .

Have you tried this product as a primer yet ?

Alannah x

August Beauty Favourites

Its been a long time since I have written one of these blog posts and I have a few different products since my last favourites blog post. So I bring to you today my August Beauty favourites .

Kiko Highlighting and Contouring Pencil Set
Not going to say too much about these pencils because I have a full detailed blog post here  . There just amazing quality for the price !

Available to purchase here .

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shaving Balm
Don't want to say too much about this product because a full detailed blog post will be coming soon, but I use it as primer and it works like a dream . It doesn't have you smelling like a man all day either , the smell goes away after a few minutes of applying .

Available to purchase here .

Kiko 208 Water Eyeshadow
I brought this eyeshadow because apparently its a dupe for the sought after mac highlighter in whisper of gilt . This highlighter/eyeshadow is a light gold/champagne colour . It glides on as a highlighter beautifully and you can pack it on the eyes with a damp eyeshadow brush for and intense pigmented look . In a small compact convenient case with a little mirror. Great product for such good value . This looks best as a highlighter on tanned or fake tanned skin . Less worn picture of this product on my Instagram with a swatch (instagram - alannahharriganmua) .

Available to purchase here.

Smashbox Photo Finish Eyelid Primer
Slightly conceals the pigmentation on my eyes , makes my eyeshadow more vibrant , makes the eyeshadow applied on top last all day without creasing . Good essential beauty product that everyone should have in there make up bag .

Available to purchase here .

Maybelline The Eraser Perfect & Cover Concealer
I remember when this product came out I was very sceptical because of the applicator on top , which isn't very hygienic . I get really dark under eye circles sometime so I like to use a little bit of this under my eyes and it conceals the circles really well and stays put all day . If you apply too much under your eyes it will crease,  so don't go overboard . This product would work well for spots too but with the applicator on top its not really suitable for spots because it would just spread them to other places on your face .  The product inside is great but the applicator is the only downside.

Available to purchase here .

 Smashbox Contour Kit

I mentioned this as one of my favourite contouring products in my 'How To : Highlighting and Contouring ' blog post . Its compact , comes with a mirror , guidelines on how to use it , an angled contouring brush and three powders . There is a contouring powder , highlighting powder and a bronzing powder . The powders easily blend out on the skin and don't visibly sit on top of the skin like some powders .

Available to purchase here 

It is really cold outside today , so I am enjoying my day off inside getting blog posts organised with a cup of tea . If there is any make up , fashion or any other topic you would like me to write a blog post on you can message me or comment below . Its nice to have suggestions on what people want to read .

Have a nice weekend everyone !

Alannah x

Top 10 Youtube Beauty Gurus

Youtube is probably my favourite website on the internet , since I first found out about Youtube years ago I have been watching videos on the website religiously . There is so many great Youtubers I watch but here is a list of my favourite Beauty /Fashion related Channels with a little bit of information about them  . In no praticiuar order .

1. Desi Perkins- 1 million Subscribers

She is just flawless , here make up skills are insane and she shows her funny personality through her videos . She uploads usually once a week , she's also very popular on Instagram .

2.Allie Sevdalis - 82k Subscribers

I have been watching here videos since she started Youtube about 6 years ago , really chilled easy to watch videos .

3. Shani Grimmond- 473k Subscribers

First followed her on Tumblr then she started Youtube and is doing really well for herself , she's young , trendy and has a great funny personality that makes her videos fun to watch .

4. NikkieTutorials 1 million Subscribers

You all probably heard of her because she's pretty internet famous , Nikkie creates pretty dramatic night out kind of looks and is very funny in her videos .Nikkie is from the Netherlands but has amazing English I thought for a good while that she was actually American .

5. Lisa Eldridge - 1 million Subscribers

Unbelievably talent celebrity make up artist Lisa Eldridge worked on 10 years younger , Kim Kardashian , Emma Roberts , Kiera Knightly and many more A-List Celebrities . She now works for Lancôme after previously working for No7 . Here career is just something else and proof hard work pays off . None of Lisa videos are sponsored so if she likes something , you better run out and get it because that's most definitely her honest opinion .

6. Kathleen Lights - 1 million Subscribers

American Beauty Guru with a bubbly personality and great make up skills . Her videos are very easy to watch and she uploads a few times a week .

7. Carli Bybel - 3 million Subscribers

Such a lovely successful woman that I've watched for years . Her style is very classy and she's previously worked as a freelance make up artists so she knows her stuff .

9. Lily Pebbles - 309k Subscribers

Lily  Pebbles Youtube channel along with her blog are amazing , she's very professional but humble and I trust every recommendation she has . My favourite videos of hers are ones where she reviews products . Her friend VivannaDoesMakeup is also a very good Youtuber /Blogger (kind of cheating by adding her to the list) .

9. Melanie Murphy - 271k Subscribers 

Such a nice positive Irish Youtube channel . Melanie always mixes up her content to make her channel interesting , I love how she's not afraid to talk about important topics that are not just all make up and fashion , she keeps it real with her viewers .

10.Pixiwoo - 1 million Subscribers

Last but not least the Youtube legends , Sam and Nick Chapmen . Creators of Real Technique make up brushes , previously make up artist before Youtube they have all the make up experience that with the humble personalities I'm sure any one of you will enjoy there channel .

There is so many more channels that I can list off the top of my head but these are the channels I watch most . Definitely check out all these channels and see for yourself , there pretty talented group of beauty gurus .

Who's your favourite beauty guru ?

Alannah x