How Long Should You Keep Your Make Up ?

Yep if you didn't already know , make up doesn't last forever . Just like food with a longer use by date thankfully .You probably have noticed this little image on products for years some of you may already know this tells you how long a product can be used for . The products pictured below have 12M written on them which means 12 months . Its not like the product will go mouldy or anything after 12 months but it might not be up to its usual standard either . It could possibly separate in the bottle or irritate your skin . Its on most beauty products not just make up so when your clearing out your drawers you can know what to throw out now . Keep in mind this 'use by date' is from the first time you open the product . Mascaras generally have a shorter life span where as powders usually last longer .

Autumn/Winter Make up Tutorial will be uploaded the start of next week then its all Halloween Special Effects up to Halloween . Just waiting on more stuff to arrive . If you have any Halloween make up suggestions for me to create you can message me or comment below .
Thanks for reading , I hope it was somewhat helpful to those who didn't know what that symbol meant .
Alannah x

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  1. I already knew about this trick, but it's good you're spreading the word!