Loreal True Match Foundation - First Impression

New foundation , YAY ! Decided to try out LOREAL Paris true match foundation after hearing Lauren Curtis rave about it for years . I had the worst foundation on today , I squeezed the last of a few of my foundations out mixed them together and used it on my face . To be honest I would have been better off wearing no foundation because through out the day the foundation started to get really patchy. I went into boots and one of the girls working there removed all my make up and apply this foundation . Surprisingly this foundation is a lighter coverage then I thought it would be , very buildable but far more natural then I thought . I am the lightest colour, I am really pale at the moment , ghost life . I really like the look of this foundation so far its gives a nice even flawless looking coverage , its a lot more matte then foundations I would usually wear but its not too matte where your skin look dull . I have some dry skin around my nose that the foundation set on top of but that can be sorted out with some exfoliator . So far so good , I see how it gets on throughtout the day .

Just Applied Pictures


*I applied primer beforehand and have blush on

10 hours later

To be honest this foundation isn't as long wearing as I thought but I did have a very light layer of it on . It as stuck to the dry patches of my skin but I hope with a bit of exfoliation and moisturiser the next time I wear it it doesn't do this . Coverage stayed very even though throughout the day still heading my rosy cheeks at the end of the day . 
Final Verdict : Usually don't go for a more matte finish foundation but I like the coverage , finish and the natural look of this foundation . Doesn't last as long as I was hoping although I did  only apply one layer of it , if you were to build it up it might stay on longer . It will be interesting to try it some night I go out to see how it last . I will probably have a review on it in the coming weeks with extra details but so far it seems quite good  ,not amazing but not a total disaster .
If you have any questions feel free to comment below .
Alannah x


  1. I love this foundation, it's my daily staple, I guess I just like how natural it looks and how the colour blends in so well with my skin x

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

    1. Yea its really nice for everyday wear and very buildable :) Starting to like it more as I use it , I have quite dry skin so I usually have to moisturise well then spray my face with caudlie beauty elixir so it doesn't dry into my skin x

  2. It looks gorgeous on you, I just bought it today but haven't tried it yet I have loreal lumi magique and that doesn't last long either but love it for the for the first few hours lol xxxx


    1. Thank you ! :) Oh really good to now :) yeah not the most long lasting but a very nice buildable foundation :) x

  3. I love this foundation, the coverage is good and it lasts long on my skin.

    Nati xx