Valentino Spring/Summer 2015 Make up : Barely there Make up Tutioral

I love runway make up whether its crazy & colourful or precise and beautiful . Looking at Runway pictures on I decided to recreate this natural no make up kind of make up that was seen on the Valentino Runway . On the Vogue website you can zoom in so I really paid attention to the detail in this look . Great everyday make up look that can be created in under 10 minutes .

Step 1 : Skin is the main focus of this look , the models skin looks matte but not overly matte where the skin looks dry . How I achieved this was by applying some face serum to my face , moisturiser then primer . This will help the foundation last long and create a barrier from my skin and the foundation .

Step 2 : I applied my loreal true match foundation (first impression blog post coming soon) using a stippling brush for and even flawless coverage . With all the moisturing products applied beneath they will make this matte foundation slightly more glowy .

Step 3 : I concealed my under eye bags.

Step 4 : Using my favourite most used 342 inglot eyeshadow ( Click here for full review on this eye shadow) which actually working perfectly because its a cool toned brown , I lightly contoured under my cheekbone . Its no Kim Kardashian contour so keep it light and natural looking .

Step 5 : On the eyes it almost looked like the models had a eyeshadow stick in a warm brown colour on the eye that the make up artist just blended out . Since I have nothing like this I used my  Inglot 342 eye shadow and blended it out then applied a little of gold eye shadow on top . The eyeshadow is not very in your face so apply a little at a time and blend .

Step 6 : Under the bottom lash line using a dense shadow brush apply some of the 342 Inglot eyeshadow , very little of it .

Step 7 : I curled my eyelashes then I applied some natural looking mascara to the top eyelashes only .

Step 8 : With a white eyeliner pencil line your waterline .

Step 9 : They models had eyebrows that where quite thick and hadn't much of and arch , I filled in my eyebrows again using my inglot eyeshadow ( sorry for over mentioning this product ) , you want to lightly fill them and at the the end of you brow create a slight arch . I used an angled eyeliner brush to create these brows.

Step 11 : For the lips I applied some rosebud Vaseline .

Step 12 : I sprayed the sides of my face with the Caudlie Beauty Elixir to give a more dewy look  .

Step 13 : I then powdered my t- zone to keep it matte  .

Products Mentioned :
Beauty Elixir Spray : Caudalie beauty elixir
Eyes & Eyebrows

So hope you all enjoyed this blog post , some blusher I personally think would complete this look . My next tutioral will be something creative with more colour , if theres any sort of blog post you would like to see comment below or if you have any questions .

What's your favourite Spring/Summer Make up trend ?

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