Light/Medium Coverage Foundations

My favourite kind of foundation for everyday wear is a breathable light/medium coverage foundation  . Something that gives a nice healthy glow. Todays post is three short reviews on affordable foundations that fit in this category. This blog post is also kind of my favourite everyday foundation / empties blog post .

These foundations are great on teenage girls who want to wear a little bit of make up to school but nothing over the top , mature skin , normal/dry skin or people with freckles that still want the freckles to be seen . Theses wouldn't be the best foundation choice for acne prone/problematic skin , girls who like full coverage or oily skined girls .

Boujois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

So many people rave about this foundation including Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge . Its light coverage but buildable and dewy . Its comes in a glass bottle with a pump . Its one of those foundations that goes undetected on your skin and does last all day . The best way I found to apply it was with a stippling brush for even coverage . I recommend using a moisturiser or primer underneath for a flawless finish . Great for dry/normal skin girls or if your skins dehydrated . Most long lasting out of the three foundations .I would buy this foundation again , the only bad thing I have to say about it is that its takes a lot of product to get a medium coverage and once finished with the foundation I feel like there is still so much left inside . There is only six shades in the range sadly .  The foundation is made from vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula with litchi, goji berries and pomegranates.

No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation

I never heard about this foundation but before I went on holidays last summer I decided to go into boots to buy a foundation for my holidays that had spf and that wouldn't melt off in the sun . I asked one of the ladies at the No7 counter who was obvisibly biased to the no7 range which foundation did she recommend and she choose this one . I liked the runny consistency because it reminded me of Chanel Aqua Lumiere that I have never tried but have swatched on my hand before so I thought it might be a good dupe ( if I ever try Chanel vita lumiere I will do a comparasion blog post of the two ) . I tan in the sun so I got it a shade darker then what I usually wear . This is a really natural foundation that feels like you have nothing on your skin. It did get slightly oily looking on a night out on holidays but that happens to the best of foundations just bring some powder in your bag .Not the most buildable of foundations , you would have to use a lot of product to get a medium coverage. I applied it with my fingers and found that worked best . I think this foundation is best for a summer holiday or a natural photo-shoot rather then the windy weather of Ireland .
14 shades in the range . £14.50

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation Spf 15

My favourite out of the three it just has the most beautiful finish. It makes your skin look you have a healthy glow but not greasy in any way . My mother also wears this too and its great for mature because it doesn't make the fine lines and wrinkles more obvious which some thicker foundations can and makes the skin look more youthful . Easier to build up to a medium to full coverage to then the others . Great packaging because you have zero waste of product and a pump that pumps out a nice amount . Has a nice consistency not to thick or to runny .Lasts all day on the skin but if you were going out in the evening after a long day of wearing it you would probably need to touch up .This really is an unsung hero . 7 shades in this range . I ran out of an everyday foundation so  this will definitely be repurchased . £13

All this foundations are 30ml bottles . None of the foundations have caused any breakouts or reactions on my skin .

Hope you all enjoyed this blog post . If you have any questions feel free to comment below .

Alannah x

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