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Sunset Half Cut Crease | Make Up Tutorial

Here is my first Youtube video in ages ! I've really missed Youtube. I created this sunset half cut crease , half cut creases are sooo popular at the moment , they're easy to do once you get the hang of it and flattering on most eye shapes !

These colours are especially lovely since where in the Autumn months . If I was doing a half cut crease with any other colours I would still use the same steps as I did in this video . I find that the Inglot gel liner is the best for cutting the crease . Nail brushes I got in Dealz come in really handy to for liner & carving out the crease because there nice & small  . Also I think the Rebeluna lashes in the style 'Izzy' are my new favourite lashes .

Also top tip for half cut crease : Make sure you carve out the crease a bit above you actually crease so once your eyes are open you can still see the cut crease .

Click ' Here ' to watch the tutorial in HD Quaility .

Product List 
Yellow Eyeshadow : '60' Inglot Cosmetics 
Orange Eyeshadow : '51' Inglot Cosmetics 
Fuchsia Pink Eyeshadow : '63' Freedom Blush Inglot Cosmetics 
Cream Gel Liner : '68' Inglot Cosmetics 
Black Gel Liner : '77' Inglot Cosmetics 
Duraline , Inglot Cosmetics 

Thanks for reading/watching .

Alannah x 

5 Face Products I Use Daily | Inglot

I have been working as a make up artist for Inglot for a few months now and get people asking me what my favourite Inglot products are .Its pretty hard for me to narrow it down but I have typed up 5 face products I use daily on myself & why I like them . I will write more blog posts on brushes ,foundations & other products in the future . 

In makeovers I choose products that will suit the client so these products our products I use on my own face .

In no particular order (feel like an Xfactor judge writing that lol) 

SPF 20 Face Primer 

I use this everyday .  It has SPF 20 in it which makes it perfect for everyday protection (even in Ireland our skin needs SPF) . The SPF is in the primer which means it wouldn't cause flashback in photography (that only happens if the SPF is in your foundation). I have dry skin so its moisturizes my skin , makes foundation glide easily on top & also acts as a barrier between the foundation & my skin so the foundation doesn't seep into any dry areas . 

AMC 84 Highlighting Powder 

This is only recently become a favourite of mine but its definitely high up there on my list ! I have dry skin so basically what I do is apply this all over my face with a powder brush after is have applied my foundation and it gives my skin a healthy , fresh dewy appearance . 

153 Highlighter

So buttery and easy to apply . Lovely highly pigmented peach toned highlight . The 4SS brush is the perfect size to apply it with & I usually apply it down the center of my nose , tops of my cheekbones , cupids bow & my inner tear ducts .

69 Illuminator

My skin is more on the drier side and because of that I've always loved the look of having glowy skin & always have been a big fan of illuminators . I love all the shades the illuminator comes in but 69 would have to be my favourite just because its a nice champagne shade that give warmth and glow to my skin before foundation . This can be used on oily skin as well because it gives the skin a glow but drys matte so it would add extra moisture to the skin . 

95 Undereye Concealer
The undereye concealers are specifically made for the delicate skin around the eye area . The undereye concealer also has a plumping agent in it which plumps out any fine lines under the eyes & it also has an illuminator running through it to give the appearance of brighter more awake eyes . Monday morning essential ! I also use this to carve out brows , prime my eyelid & sometimes even to cut out my crease . 

You can shop Inglot online or in store as there are stores nationwide . 

That's it for this blog post , 

Thanks For Reading .
Alannah x 

Life Update | Where I've Been

My poor blog has been neglected this last while .I haven't forgot about it ! Since turning 21 in March a lot has changed for me .

On my 21st birthday I found out that I got a job working for a well known make up company called Inglot which I was absolutely delighted about  . Not to mention we had work placement for 4 weeks before the store even opened . I was on work placement in Dublin where they trained me and the other girls up on the products & artistry skills . I really enjoined my time in Dublin & learned loads .

I moved to County Westmeath for the job too so I now live in a shared house about a 4 hour drive from where i'm originally from. I am so glad I took the job opportunity as I absolutely love what I do & the people I work with  .

I got into make up cause I loved art in school but for a few years I felt like my creativity wasn't as good but I feel like I'm starting to get more creative again .

I have been trying to find my grounds with everything the last few months but I am starting to settle in and find my feet again . Missing having a proper gym & blog routine.

If there is any particular looks , videos or posts you would like to see , let me know . IM BACKKK !

Thanks to everyone who has supported me since day one .

Alannah x