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Brown Cut Crease & Arabic Inspired Liner | Video Tutorial

Hey everyone ! Sorry I haven't been uploading as much recently ,currently moving away from home & got a new job (might do a video or blog post explaining) so once I get back into a routine I'll be uploading consistently again .

Todays video tutorial is an in-depth longer video just focusing on how I created this brown cut crease . Cut creases sometimes can be a little harsh / borderline drag queen if you use loads of colour and glitter etc but this cut crease with browns in my opinion is quite wearable .

Cut Creases are very daunting to do but if you have time to spend on your make up you should definitely give it a go . Wouldn't recommend trying if your in a rush though !

Watch in HD : Click ' Here ' .

Products Used

Prime & Cut the Crease : SOSU Contour Palette
Set : Sleek Makeup - I-Divine Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette
Transition : Sleek Makeup - I-Divine Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette
Medium Coloured Brown : Sleek Makeup - I-Divine Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette
Darker Brown : Sleek Makeup - I-Divine Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette
Cream Coloured Eyeshadow : Sleek Makeup - I-Divine Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette
Black Eyeshadow : Sleek Makeup - I-Divine Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette
Dark brown eyeliner pencil : Make Up Designory- Rich Brown Eye Pencil
Mascara : Maybelline Great Lash
Fake Eyelashes : GWA - Glamour

Brushed Used :
Angled Brush : Inglot 31T
Small blending Brush : Inglot 10S
Concealer Brush : Inglot 22T
Under eye : Inglot 9S
Small Fan Brush :Make Up Designory - Mini Fan Brush
Eyeliner Brush : Nail Brush from Poundland

Products used on the rest of my face :


Illuminator : Inglot AMC Face & Body Illuminator - Shade '69'
Foundation : The Body Shop - Moisture Foundation '04'
Setting Powder : SOSU Contour Palette
Bronzer : SOSU Contour Palette
Blush : Make Up Geek Eyeshadow 'Mango Tango'
Highlight : Inglot Freedom System HD Highlight - Shade '153'


Eyebrow Pomade : MUA Luxe Power Brow Sculpting Gel -Dark Brown


Lip Pencil : Penneys Nude Lip Pencil
Lip Gloss : Benefit Cosmetics Sugarbomb lipgloss

Thanks for watching/reading !
Alannah x

St Patricks Day | Make Up Tutorial

Watch on Youtube : Click Here .

Considering I'm Irish , I kind of had to do a tutorial for St. Patricks day as it is such a big day in
Ireland . Whether you're going to the pub for ' a few casuals' (which lets be honest, never goes to plan) or planning on partying the night away this look is perfect . Its in theme with the day but not over the top .

Lip wise I just wore some lipliner (Penneys Nude Lipliner) & ligloss (Benefit Lipgloss in Hervana ) .

A tip for applying the glitter would be to do it before your foundation just so its easier to remove fall out . If you don't like the look of the orange on the bottom lash line you could use green and it would look just as nice . If your feeling super festive you could draw some shamrocks on your face as well .

Products Used

Eyelid Primer : Mac Soft Ochre Paint Pot
Cream Coloured Eyeshadow : SOSU Contour Palette - Shade 3
Transition Colour : Make up Geek Eyeshadow : Peach Smoothie
Green Eyeshadow : Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer Palette
Lime Green Eyeshadow : Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer Palette
Orange Eyeshadow : ABH Modern Renaissance Palette - Realgar
Concealer used to cut the crease : SOSU Contour Palette - Shade 1
Gold Glitter : Penneys/Primark Gold Glitter
Glitter Glue : Penneys/Primark Glitter Glue
Black Liquid Liner : Wet n Wild Liquid Liner
Black Pencil Eyeliner : Ted Baker (from one of the Christmas sets from Boots)
Mascara : Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Fake Eyelashes : Penneys/Primark Sultry Lashes
Fake Eyelash Glue : Duo Glue

Thanks for reading/watching & I hope you all have an enjoyable St. Patricks Day .

Alannah x

Bargain Beauty Buy | PS Individual Lashes

Well you could say this weeks bargain beauty buy post is very last minute this week as its half ten on a Sunday night . I wrote this one out in my notebook but just never got a chance to sit down and type it up , until now .

These lashes are one of my all time favourite beauty products . They are just so handy . Usually individual eyelashes can be a little time consuming but these lashes make applying individuals a little easier & faster.

Instead of being just one strand of hair there is little clusters of eyelashes together . This also means you wouldn't use up the whole pack trying to get the desired look (like you might have to with other individual eyelashes).

What I like about them is they can be built up to quite a dramatic lash or you can do a nice subtle lash. The hairs look natural too , because I know some cheaper eyelashes can look fake & plastic looking .

I prefer them over any of my other individual eyelashes and all my friends are big fans of them too. If Penneys ever said that they were discontinuing them I would be in like lighting buying them in bulk (which I already do , but I mean buy the whole shop out of them hahah ) .

They retail at €1.50/£1 in Penneys/Primark all over the country .

Thanks For Reading .
Alannah x