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Colourful Eye | Morphe X Nikita Artistry Palette

I am going to start this blog post off with I LOVE brown eyeshadow I don't know if it's just me getting older and preferring the less is more approach or what but gone are the days where I would wear a crazy detailed eye with a bold lip. Don't get me wrong I still love artistic makeup for magazine covers etc it's a form of art & love seeing people get creative. 

At work we sometimes have themes and this theme was for me to use the Nikita Dragun. If you don't know get to know. So for the first time in a while I got my creative juices flowing. One of my absolute favorite eyeshadow palettes has to be the Morphe x Nikita Collaboration palette.
The palette has the perfect mixture of matte, shimmers, bright & neutral shadows. I don't know how much longer this palette will be on sale so I would definitely get it while you can.

Lash wise I used 'the Katie' from Prima Lash in collaboration with makeup artist Katie Daley which I think did a great job complementing the look because there nice & wispy.

Hope you're all having a great week,

Alannah x

Back like I Never Left

Hey It’s me again 🙋‍♀️

Its been three years since my last blog post. Wasnt sure if I was ever going to get into it again because life has been busy but not gonna lie I’ve missed it. A lot has changed in 5 years ... ALOT. 


I’ve had different jobs, relationships, friendships & lived in different locations. Many lessons learned, I suppose that’s what your early 20s are for. 
I’m still Alannah who loves makeup. But know I also love other things aswell like fitness & looking after my mind body & soul aswell as painting my face. 

My blog from now on will consist of fitness, makeup, fashion, selfcare & everything I love.
I hope you all enjoy this journey with me I’m  happy to be back doing something I love. Just an excuse for me to buy more makeup for ‘reviews’. 
Love,Alannah xxx 

Sunset Half Cut Crease | Make Up Tutorial

Here is my first Youtube video in ages ! I've really missed Youtube. I created this sunset half cut crease , half cut creases are sooo popular at the moment , they're easy to do once you get the hang of it and flattering on most eye shapes !

These colours are especially lovely since where in the Autumn months . If I was doing a half cut crease with any other colours I would still use the same steps as I did in this video . I find that the Inglot gel liner is the best for cutting the crease . Nail brushes I got in Dealz come in really handy to for liner & carving out the crease because there nice & small  . Also I think the Rebeluna lashes in the style 'Izzy' are my new favourite lashes .

Also top tip for half cut crease : Make sure you carve out the crease a bit above you actually crease so once your eyes are open you can still see the cut crease .

Click ' Here ' to watch the tutorial in HD Quaility .

Product List 
Yellow Eyeshadow : '60' Inglot Cosmetics 
Orange Eyeshadow : '51' Inglot Cosmetics 
Fuchsia Pink Eyeshadow : '63' Freedom Blush Inglot Cosmetics 
Cream Gel Liner : '68' Inglot Cosmetics 
Black Gel Liner : '77' Inglot Cosmetics 
Duraline , Inglot Cosmetics 

Thanks for reading/watching .

Alannah x