5 steps to Dewy Skin (for all skin types)

So since its going into summer I thought it was an appropriate time to do a step by step guide on how to get lovely glowy/dewy/healthy/radiant/luminous/moisturised(I think you get the point) looking skin.But not oily , theres a difference . I have written a 5 step guide on how to achieve it but you can add more or less steps depending on how intense of a glow you want .

Dewy Skin

                                                                        Oily Skin

Normal to Dry Skin 

Step 1 : Exfoliate . Exfoliating your skin will get rid of all the dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling softer , smoother and more radiant .

Step 2 : Moisturise. The perfect base for your foundation is mositurized skin.

Step 3 : Illuminate.  My favourite illuminator is the mars illuminator in orgasm , it gives a lovely Victoria secret model glow and i mean who doesn't want that ?

Step 4 : Foundation . Use a dewy foundation .

Step 5: Highlighter . Of course this was going to be included , got to love a little (or a lot) of highlighter .Hightlight the places in your face you want to stand out (places I like to highlight are the tip of my nose , inner tear-duct , cupids bow , under my eyebrows and the tops of the cheekbones)

Oily to Combination Skin 

Step 1 : Exfoliate.  Get rid of any dead skin cells on your face .

Step 2 : Prime .Apply a mattifying primer .

Step 3  : Foundation .Again Matte.

Step 4 : Highlighter .Highlight the places in your face you want to stand out (places I like to highlight are the tip of my nose , inner tear-duct , cupids bow , under my eyebrows and the tops of the cheekbones)

Step 5 : Spray . Apply some Mac fix plus to the sides of your face  , not the centre . This will make the highlighter more intense and make your skin not look overly matte or cakey.

Products I recommend 

Normal to Dry 
Exfoliator : Matis Youth Grain
Moisturiser : Embroylisse Lait Creme , Bioderma Hydrabio Riche
Highlighter : Sleek Highlighter
Illuminator : Nars Illuminator 
Foundation : The body shop Moisture foundation , Boujois Healthy Mix Serum  , No7 Stay perfect superlight foundation 
Powder : Ben nye neutral set translucent powder 

Oily to Combination 
Exfoliator : Matis Youth Grain
Primer : Smashbox photofinish primer 
Foundation : Make up forever Hd foundation 
Highlighter :  Sleek Highlighter
Spray :Mac Fix Plus NYX Cosmetics Setting Spray - Dewy Finish

This step is the difference between dewy and oily looking skin . Powder your t- zone so it looks matte and you will have a nice healthy glow on your cheeks . Why powder ? Well basically most people get oily around there t-zone and if you highlight that part of your face people might see it as being oily . If your skin is really dry this step isn't necessary .

Want to take that luminous glow to the next level ? You could use a blush with a little shimmer(Nars Orgasm blush) in it or a dewy setting spray (Nyx dewy setting spray) .Cream blushes and bronzers also help to achieve this look .

Hope this helped any one that likes this look I know a lot of people like matte skin so I promise to do a few looks with matte skin in the future . If you have any questions make sure to comment below and I will get back to you .

Which do you prefer matte or dewy skin ?

Alannah x

Products I've Used Up / Empties

New week new blog post and today is my first empties blog post . I personally love theses blog posts its nice to see what products people have used up and if they would repurchase them . This empties blog post is full of skincare and fragrances .(How many times can I say blogpost in one post ? Blogpost , blogpost , blogpost )

Bioderma Hydrabio Riche
I really like the Bioderma brand . This moisturiser is no exception . Very moisturising but has a nice lightweight texture . Great for very dry or dry skin . Works well under make up . Keeps your skin moisturised throughout the day . I would repurchase .

Matis Moisturiser
Sticking to the moisturisers this has to be one of my favourite moisturiser I have ever tried . Sadly its harder to get your hands on here in Ireland and the size I have is the beautician size which can be only bought in a salon/beautican service shop .  It almost feels like a moisturiser and primer combined .It makes a nice smooth surface for your foundation to be applied on top of . Its not too heavily scented . Lasts a long time and really makes a noticeable different to your skin.

LOreal True Match
So its finally here , what I think of the ever so popular Loreal foundation 'True Match' . I really like the finish of this foundation when you first apply it , it has a matte finish but its not to matte where your skin looks dry and dull . It looks lovely in photos but after a few hours of wearing it I notice it gets quite  patchy . The only thing that stops this is primer so I definitely would recommend applying primer or even moisturiser underneath maybe even some setting spray too.Its not the most buildable of foundations because it can tend to get cakey . Also it transfers onto clothes like no mans business . Some good things and probably more bad things to say about this foundation , not a completely awful foundation but just not my cup of tea .

Dolce en Gabanna Light Blue- Eau de Toilette
So sad this perfume is all gone , I tried saving it for summer but that didn't quite go to plan ! Its the perfect summer scent , fresh flowery , lemony goodness !

Matis Cleanser
Yet another matis product , its a great french brand ! My skin when using all there products together was at its best , hydrated and glowing . Removed my make up effortlessly and left my skin feeling moisturised .

Matis Toner
There is nothing like cleaning your face with a cleanser & toner . There the perfect pair and I always feel like I am really getting rid of any make up on my skin and leaving no resdew . Toner removes any traces of make up / oils on your face and leaves the skin feeling revitalised .

If you have sensitive skin the Matis delicate skin range might be more suited to you .

Lanvin Eclat - Perfume
I got this as a gift and although I wore it and liked it I would have never picked it out myself . Its not my usually fruity , sweet perfume . Its more of a floral scent .

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mouse - Dark
This is also just run out on me , it isn't featured in the picture because the bottle has tan all over it and I couldn't have it wrecking my picture , haha. I have been using this tan for a few years now and I love it . I find it quite a fool proof tan , I usually put it on quite carelessy, shower it off the next day and it usually comes out even . Cons would be it does have that tan smell , transfers on to anything white and while stain your clothes if you spell any on it . Pros would be the price (such good value) , the fact you can see where your applying it , the fact that it says its a dark tan & actually is and the fact that its available in loads of shops here in Ireland . It really is one of those love/hate products though I know people who swear by it and people who hate it .

Thanks for reading ,
Alannah x

£1 Eyeshadows (and there pretty great )

  Dealz and Pounland have recently started selling a inexpensive make up brand called Make up Gallery . If it wasn't for the good comments on there products I probably would have never give theses eyeshadows the time of day because I would think for £1 how could they make a decent eyeshadow ? 
Well I was proven wrong and makes me wonder about the brands with bad quality eyeshadows that are  expensive . If a brand can make a good eyeshadow and sell it for £1 surely a more expensive eyeshadow for a high range brand have no excuse for having a chrappy eyeshadow . 

(without primer)

The eyeshadows are nicely pigmented(as you can see from the picture above and thats with no primer underneath)  , good texture , blends nicely . The only bad thing about this product is that it does tend to have fall out but if you do you do your eyeshadow before your foundation you can just remove the fallout . The packaging is very compact and suprisingly very sturdy . 

There is a selection of colours and finishes from matte to shimmer . Most of the colours are earthy tones theres not much vibrant colours . I bought two eyeshadows one was matte black and the other was matte plum . I am getting a lot of use out of them both . The plum is perfect in the crease of the eye to create depth . The black is a nice staple for anyones make up kit . My friend also has the bronzer and its  amazing so I will definitely getting one of those . 

For £1 theses are definitely worth purchasing ! Theres not much you can get theses days for £1 .

So there you have it a small review on Poundland eyeshadows . Have you tried any products from the Make up Gallery , if so let me know what you thought in the comments below .

Thanks for reading , hope you all enjoyed .

Alannah x