#GirlBoss by Sophie Amoruso - Book Review

Todays blog post is a bit of an unuasl one for me , I would just like to mention that I rarely read books . I like reading blog posts and magazines but rarely read books . When it comes to book I prefer true stories or self help books that you can learn from , I am not the biggest fan of fiction. Recently I decided to start reading more books. I seen some Instagram pictures with this book and some of my favourite Youtubers mentioning it in monthly favourite videos .I thought the title of the book was cool and was interested to see what the book was about . For me to read a full book it needs to be really interesting from the start through to the end . The fact that I even read this book should be a good enough reason to go out and buy it .

The book is about Sophie Amoruso a college dropout who turnt selling clothes on her ebay account NastyGal into a multi million dollar fashion company with over 350 employees all in the space of a few years . In the book she explains how she got to where she is today . Even though the book is about the journey of the company she wrote it to inspire and motivate not for people to  go out an follow the path she took but to go out and create there own . There is helpful tips along the way on interviews , CV's ,money etc. My 3 favourite tips/advice/quotes from the book :

- Money Advice : Don't spend money you don't have . Live within your means . Money looks better  
  in your bank then on your feet.

- The straight and narrow is not the only path to success . Start Small , Dream Big.

- "Things may come to those who wait , but only the things left by those who hustle " - Abraham

The book is easy to read , no fancy vocabulary . Her personality really shines through in this book and she seems like a really genuine person even after all her success. The only bad thing I have to say about this book is that it can be a little repetitive in some parts , but part from that , I will definitely read it again and recommend it to all my friends . This book helped motivate me and teach me that if you love what your doing and are welling to work hard at it good things will happen. I would say a lot of people would find this book interesting especially girls aged between 16 - 25 who are looking for motivation and feeling kind of lost career choice wise .

This book review is pretty basic ,I found it quite hard to write a review on a book without giving to much away . If your a real book worm I would recommend reading some more reviews before making a purchase but if your like me and not the biggest book reader , you should definitely check this book out . Available on Amazon .

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