Sleek Highlighting Palette - Review

I really wanted to love this product but sadly didn't . I love highlighter I think its so beautiful applied on the tops of the cheekbones , the cupids bow and in the inner tear duct of your eye . Highlighter is worn to enhance a feature . There's a thin line between looking like a disco ball and having a nice healthy glow, so I am always on the look out for an amazing cheek highlight with a better price tag then the Hourglass Ambient Light palette(which I haven't splurged on just yet).

Packaging : A plus for packaging , so pretty I was like a magpie when I saw it in boots , real easy to wipe done and keep looking clean .

Layout : Four nice sized highlighters four cream highlighters : Platinum , Royal Gold , Renaissance and one powder highlight : Antique Bronze . You also get a little brush to apply the highlighter with witch could also come in handy when applying the powdered highlight as I prefer to apply the cream highlighter with my fingers .

Colour : Royal Gold and Renaissance are basically the same colour , far to similar in my opinion , they could of done with just three colours of highlight .Platinum is like a pearl coloured highlighter that would suit a paler person . The other three highlighter would be best suited for a tanner person just because there kind of on the bronzer side .

Texture : The texture of the cream highlighters is kind of greasy , but it works , it glides on your cheeks quite nicely  . The powder is bang centre between chalky and creamy which is a really nice texture .Very blendable .

Longevity : Lasted all day .

Pigmentation : The pigmentation in this product actually is pretty good in the creams and the powder.

Conclusion : There is only really one thing wrong with this products and that its more glittery the glowy . For me that's a something I hate and a big enough factor to put me off the palette . You could do worse for this price but I am determined I can find something better . I like to mix cream highlighters with some moisturiser or primer to use as an illuminator applied before my foundation or mix in with it and with this product you just cant without looking like a disco ball . I wouldn't recommend this palette because I now that there is definitely better highlights in the same price range out there .


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