MUA Matte Palette in Ever After - Product Review

So far on my blog most of my product reviews have been pretty positive , so I thought I would write a product review about a product I was disappointed with. I like to review products also that don't have much written about them online because I think there is enough reviews on the Urban Decay naked palettes and the Make up forever HD foundation at this stage and there are so many more products out there waiting to be found. The eye shadow I am reviewing today is the Make up Academy Professional Matte Palette in Ever After . I bought mine in Superdrug for £4 but to be honest I wished that I had spent that money on food , here's the reasons why I felt this way :

Packaging : Pretty standard packaging for £4 , would of been nice to have a mirror but sure for the price you wouldn't really mind if it didn't. There is ten eye shadows in the palette , five on each row .

Colours : The top row of eye shadows are nearly identical. In the bottom row the brown colours are pretty similar also . All colours in the palette are matte.

Texture : The texture of theses eye shadows are pretty awful . There very chalky. I have tried one of the brands single eye shadows for £1 before and loved the cream/buttery texture.  Even the best of brands have trouble creating matte eye shadows that aren't to chalky and are highly pigmented , so I wasn't really to shocked at this result .

Top Row From Left To Right : Unwrap, Butter, Bare, Taffeta, Fade

Pigment : The top row of eye shadows (Unwrap, Butter, Bare, Taffeta, Fade) where a nightmare to try get a photo of . I used an eyelid primer and applied the eye shadows on top of the primer but all that was coming through was the skin tone colour of the primer. I ended up removing the swatches an applying the eye shadow to my arm without primer. You can barely see anything in the photo , it doesn't help that I am so pale . The brown shades and the dark green colours aren't as bad but there still not great , I have the colour packed on to try show the true colour.

       Bottom Row From Left to Right : Penny, China , Truffle , Fog ,Smoke

Longevity : After a few hours the eye shadows start to crease. I have slightly oily eyelids and usually use collection 2000 lasting concealer or Make up Designory corrector to prime my eyelids . Both these concealers stop most of my eye shadows from creasing but it didn't make a different for theses eye shadows .

Conclusion : Not even worth the cheap price of four euro . If your looking at eye shadows try the brands single eye shadows for £1 or save that four pound in your money bank and invest in a good palette. Out of five I would give this palette half a point just for the idea of the product , it would be nice if there was a nicely pigmented, really inexpensive palette with all matte shades , it would come in really handy in everyone's make up kit.

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