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Wow I have/had a lot of Make up Designory Make up ! I realised while going through my make-up collection today an this brand isn't  mentioned much on beauty blogs, at least I have never seen anything about the brand before . Todays blog is short reviews on products I have tried from Mud . I recommend getting a snack before you read , its a long one .

Skin Products

Skin products I have tried from this brand are the Cream Foundation Palette , Face Primer, Correctors, cheek colours and bronzer . I also have some of the airbrush make up but I can do a separate review on that if anyone's interested .

Cream Foundation Palette
Sadly I got this stolen from me along with some other products but  this palette is great for make up artists . They are full coverage creams that can be made into a medium or light coverage my adding primer or moisturiser . Great at covering redness . I would recommend powdering the foundation to set it in place and to help it last all day .

Face Primer
Love this face primer , especially for everyday use . Its nice and light on the skin and very breathable . Its also quite moisturising and creates the perfect base for foundation . Definitely one of my favourites from the brand . Makes you foundation stay on all day and not become patchy.

These are very full coverage . Great for covering spots but to heavy for underage circles because they tend to crease a lot .  Great if you have a lot of spots or redness on your skin because they definitely will do a great job concealing it . Really crap packaging though , breaks so easily. Use these a lot as eyelid primers too .

From Left - Right : Deep Brown,RC2 ,BC1,RC1

A warm orangey brown shade , a bit to on the orangey side for my liken but does look nice to give you cheeks a bit of warmth if your wearing a tan . Nicely pigment ,buildable for the look desired, great texture that blends really easy . Great eye shadow transition colour also . In a handy little  compact with a mirror .

From Left- Right : Bronzer :Endless Summer . Cheek Colours : Gingerbread, Bubblegum,Warm Bisque , PumpkinBrick ,  Lemon Cream .

Cheek colours
I have a half filled palette of there cheek colours . Must buy more to fill it out , brilliant quality blusher , blend nicely . I have to say I prefer the orange and brown colours more for eye shadow .
My favourite are Lemon Cream (great for setting underage concealer) , Pumpkin (Always using this as eye shadow , makes blue eyes pop)  and Warm Bisque ( Nice subtle natural looking blush) .

Link for Palette :

Eye Products

I have tried the brands eye shadows , eye pencils , mascara and brow gel.
Eye shadows
In are college kit we got a palette half filled with eye shadows . I cant remember all the eye shadows from this palette but I do remember that the texture and pigmentation  of the  eye shadows where really nice not to creamy and not to chalky . The perfect balance . If I buy a Z palette in the future I will definitely buy some of there eye shadows again .

Eye Pencils
Creamy pigmented eye pencils that don't togging on the eye . Nice smokey out and make creating a smokey eye so much easier .  Not great for liner your waterline or waterline because they do transfer also will smudge if you create a defined liner look . Nice for a smokey eye or a short day wearing make up but not great for a long day wearing make up .

Left to right - Black Rich Brown , Auburn
Great for a make up artist kit , really hygienic , black and dry fast so not smudging if you client blinks .

Brow Fix
Didn't like this brow gel . Worked well if you had nothing on your brows but didn't work well with any other eyebrow products .

Lip products

Only thing I have tried from the lip product side of things was the lip liner in natural .

Lip Liner - Natural
Lovely products don't bleed , are very pigmented and very easy to draw on the lips , no pulling and togging rechoired . I had the lip pencil in natural and such a lovely natural colour , very similar to nyx natural lip pencil which is one of my favourites .


From Top - Bottom : Smudger Brush , Mascara Brush , Eyeliner Brush , Crease Brush , Powder Blush Brush , Shadow Fluff Brush .
I have 6 Make up Designory make up brushes , love some of them and dislike so of them .

Powder Blush Brush - 710
Not a fan of this brush , very soft bristles but I don't like the size of it for blush , bronzer or all over face powder .

Mascara Brush- 500
I am in love with this brush ! So handy for make up artists , far easier to use then disposable mascara wands , just ask the client to look down and you can get right into the roots of the lashes . Works well when you want to blend the clients eyelashes in with there Fake eyelashes . Perfect brush , Keep saying I must buy more .Squeeze some of the Mud mascara onto you make up palette and apply the mascara using this brush . Its Super Handy and the perfect size. Spot clean after every client .

Crease Brush - 800
Don't like this brush at all, nice size but scratchy bristle especially if your doing a lot of blending in the  eye shadow look your creating .

Shadow Fluff Brush - 330
This brush is one of those brushes that different people will use for different things . I find it works best for setting underage concealer , small enough to get in under the eye and picks up enough powder.

Eyeliner Brush - 100
This brush works amazing with gel eyeliner , its thin so you can create a thin look or a thick eyeliner look .Very easy to use.

Flat Foundation Brush - 940
I also have the flat foundation brush which I forgot to add to the picture . Its a nice flat foundation brush but I don't really use flat foundation brush often .

I have had theses brushes for probably a year and a half and they haven't shed any hair , like zero hair . The brush handles are nice and comfortable when holding/working with them . The brushes aren't out of this world (except the mascara brush) and I am sure you could find better around the same price.



Sorry for the lack of pictures in this section , brush belt and make up bag need washed and I forgot I had there tweezers and Metal Palette and Knife until I looked at there website .

Metal Palette & Palette Knife
Standard Stainless steel metal palette . Nice size , easy to clean .

Make up Bag
One of my favourite make up bags I have . Its the perfect size , looks perfessional and if you but it in the washing machine to clean it comes out looking brand new .

Brush Belt
I have tried everything to clean this brush belt but the only thing that works is putting it in the washing machine . The material getting dirty really easily , if I was to buy a brush belt again I would buy a leather one you can wipe down . Holds a lot of brushes.

Pointy tweezers that makes plucking your eyebrows effortless .

The papers easy to work and blend on but the faces are kind of look childish .

If you have any questions about any of theses products feel free to comment below .

Favourites Products : Small  fan brush , Mascara , Correctors , Brush , Lip pencil , Eye shadows , Cheek colours , tweezers , make up bag , face primer .

Products I didn't like so much : Brow Gel , Brushes (except the mascara brush) , Face chart , Brush Belt .

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