Cheaper Alternative : Benefit Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit

Top Picture : Benefit , Middle Picture : Benefit on right brow , Sleek on left , Bottom Picture: Sleek

Hey everyone ! Hope your all having a nice week , today  I have a product dupe that I am really proud of not going to lie .Its the Sleek brow kit which is an amazing dupe for the Benefit Eyebrow Shaping Kit  . Sleek are a make up company that are mid price level in the make up world where as Benefit would be more on the higher price side  . I'm going to compare both these products and give my opinions on wither I think you should pay more for a better product or to save money.

Both have a mini angled brush , mini tweezers & mini brush . They also both have a small mirror .

The Benefit wax has more of a sticky waxy texture then the sleek one . I would also say that the Benefit powder has more of a dusty/chalky texture .

The sleek powder & wax is slightly more pigmented .

Both have very classy looking packaging .  Compact & easy to clean with a small mirror inside .

Colour Range
I am wearing dark in the Sleek eyebrow kit and Bronzing Medium in the Benefit kit .
Both are pretty dark and I personally don't like my eyebrows that dark but for the sake of the review I tried them out . The Benefit has more warm , ginger tones in it where is the Sleek kit is more of a solid brown colour. Sleek have four shades : Light , Dark , Extra Dark & Black .
Benefit have three : Bronzing Light , Bronzing Medium & Bronzing Dark .

Price Sleek €10.99 Vs Benefit €34
saving you €23.01 (had to add the 1cent to be precise haha )

Basically there the exact same just with different packaging and ever so slightly different in colour . Go with the Sleek one to save yourself €23 euro .

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