First Impression : Loreal Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation

When Make up Youtuber LustreLux did a video on this foundation I knew I wanted to try it for myself , she had nothing but good words to say about the foundation . Definitely more of a dewy foundation lover but its nice to look nice and matte on a night out or if you have oily skin . I would have normal but dehydrated skin . I got the lightest shade which is 01 Porcelain which you can see by the pictures is still not light enough . I also bought the mattifying primer that goes with the foundation . I applied the Infallible primer before hand to give the foundation a fair review with its matching primer .A foundation saying it last 24hr is a pretty brave statement (I couldn't imagine needing a foundation to last that long in the first place) .

    No Foundation on (excuse my bed hair & dry skin)

                                            Straight After I Applied The Foundation


                                                                 5 Hours After Applying
Love the texture of this foundation far thicker in texture then my usual lightweight foundations . I find a little goes quite a long way too . The coverage would be medium to full coverage. I could see it working well on a night out .I have been out on a walk and doing other bits and bobs and it looks exactly the way it did when I applied it , no complaints so far. Still matte.

                                                                10 hours After Applying
Staying on pretty well . My red cheeks are still covered as well as uneven pigmentation on my face .

                                                                15 hours After Applying
Notice that has come off around my jawline area slightly . Still matte but little blotchy . I did only apply a little bit of this foundation for a natural everyday look . If I was going out I would apply more of it . My red cheeks are more visible now. So its not lasting 24hr as it says .

My first opinion on this foundation is really good it is definitely matte like it says it is . Good coverage . This would be a nice foundation for a night out and would photograph without any flash back . If you have oily skin you should give it a go , since I don't have oily skin I don't get to try it to its full potential  . Powder isn't needed over the top of it but if your very oily you could still powder . You could nearly get away with just wearing this foundation without concealer because of how pigmented it is. I would repurchase based on my frist impression , i'll try it out properly over the next few weeks and you will probably hear me mentioning it again . Didn't last as long as I thought but it would last a decent amount of time .

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