Queen Bee - Halloween Make Up Tutorial

A much more feminine Halloween make up tutorial today . Queen bee , bumble bee , wasp whatever you want to call it . I think a high sleek bun or big bouncy waves would be beautiful with this make up . A tiara even if you want to go full on 'Queen' . Outfit wise an all black outfit would look lovely and some black wings .

Product List
Liquid Eyeliner :Essence Eyeliner Pen
Pencil Eyeliner : Mac Coffee Eye Pencil
Fake Eyelashes :Ardell Wispie Lashes
Honey Lips
Random Lip gloss

                                                                         Black Lips

I am happy with the way this make up look turned out because I was just making it up as I went along . It is easy to create so you should definitely give it a go  . More Halloween tutorials to come so keep an eye out for more tutorials .

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As always if you have any questions feel free to message me or comment below .

What are you dressing up as for Halloween ?

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Creepy Old Woman - Halloween Make up Tutorial

Hey everyone ! Todays make up isn't so glamorous but its Halloween , its supposed to be scary .This look is easy enough to achieve just time consuming . I was inspired by the scary looking woman from the horror film 'Drag me to hell' and the old woman in the film 'shutter island' .

To achieve this look it requires lots of weird facial expressions and stretching your face so the latex will create wrinkles. Most Halloween shops stock liquid latex or you could order it online from : FaceFx .The grease paints I used were from Kryolan and the contour stick I used at the beginning of the video was from Kiko cosmetics .

Contact lenses really add something special to any Halloween make up look and this one is from an Irish website : Costumeshop.ie . You get two in a pack , but I thought wearing just one looked a little creepier .

If you have never worn liquid latex before I recommend doing a patch test 24hr prior by applying a little behind your ear or the crease of your arm . If there is any irritation, itchiness or redness  , you could be allergic so I wouldn't recommend using it .

Some tips when using liquid latex :
- Don't get it on your clothes , it wouldn't come off !
- Try apply a good few layers , it makes it easier to peel off .
- Don't apply it with any good quality make up brushes , it will wreck the brush . I usually use cheap   art brushes or a latex sponge .
- Dry the latex with a hairdryer then powder over it to make it matte . If you don't powder over the latex it will look really shiny .
- Repeat latex - dry - powder as many times as you like until you get the look desired .

Hope you all enjoy this tutorial , I will try create a more glamorous Halloween look next . I felt like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls when she walks into the party and she's dressed as a zombie bride and everyone else is dressed as a bunny or some sort of cute animal , haha .
If you have any questions or make up looks you would like to see , comment below and I will get back to you .
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Favourite Autumn Eyeshadows

If you didn't already know , I love warm autumn colours . There flattering on every eye colour and just look great . Since it is Autumn I thought it was a suitable time to list a few of my favourite warm eyeshadows , that I use on a regular bases . These eyeshadows are from two brands both brands create powdered eyeshadows that blend beautifully and are very pigmented with little fall out .
Make up Geek Eyeshadows
Bitten - Dark maroon red matte finish 
Peach Smoothie - Light peach colour matte finish
Latte - Medium matte brown
Mango Tango - Peachy pinks with flecks of gold
Goddess - Metallic pale cooper
Make up Designory Eyeshadows
(actually supposed to be blushers but I use them as eyeshadows )
Brick - Deep terracotta
Pumpkin - Burnt orange
Gingerbread - Warm brown with slight shimmer
Whats your favourite eyeshadow to wear in autumn ?
More Halloween posts will be up soon , having some technical issues with a Halloween tutorial I'm trying to upload . As always , hope you all have a nice week .
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