Green Spotlight Eyes + Nude lips

It has been snowy in Ireland for the last two days and if it snows in Ireland the whole country basically closes down . Being house bound I decided to create a make up look using colours I don't typically use but I am really loving the finished look . No winged liner in this look , not gonna lie it was hard to resist . So here it is a Green spotlight eye with nude lips :

Step 1 : As always you should cleanse , tone and moisturizes your face (I use Matis Paris Cleanser , Toner and Moisturizer ) .


Step 2 : Prime your eyelids using an eyelid primer or concealer (I used Collection lasting perfection concealer)

Step 3 : For my  transition colour I blended out a taupe eye shadow(I used Urban Decay eye shadow in Tease)  in my eye socket , make sure its well blended by using a  fluffy blending brush ( I used Blank Canvas Cosmetics) and using circular/windscreen wiper motions .

Step 4 : I then applied some dark green eye shadow (I used Urban Decay eye shadow in Loaded ) to the outer corner of your eyelid , the inner part of your eyelid, the inner part on your lower lash line and the outer part on your lower lash line. You then you want to blend the dark green into the taupe colour using a blending brush and the same method.

Step 5 :With a flat slightly dense eye shadow brush (I used Urban Decay 'good karma brush' ) pack on a light green eye shadow ( I used Urban Decay eye shadow in Kush )to the centre of your eyelids and the centre on your lower lash line . Blend it slightly so there are no harsh edges .

Step 6  : Using a black eye pencil(I used MUD eye pencil in black)  fill in the water line and tight line of your eye .

Step 7 : Apply some mascara(I used Maybelline Greatlash )  , I find the easiest and most effective way to apply it is in zig zag motions working from the roots of the lashes to the tips .

Step 8 : I applied some strip lashes( I used Red Cherry Lashes #43) , not a necessity but I have very short eyelashes so they make my eyelashes look fuller and longer.

Step 9 : With my liquid liner(I used Collection Extra 24 hour felt tip liner) I drew a line over the fake eyelash band to make the look more polished .


Step 10 : Now that your moisturiser has hydrated your face (step 1) . Apply some foundation I used Boujois Healthy Mix Serum work it into the skin using a stippling brush in circular motions.

Step 11 : I then concealed my dark circles under my eyes using collection lasting perfection concealer .

Step 12 : I lightly contoured(using Graftobian Glamour Crème Cool Palette ) my nose under my cheekbones and my temples using a flat foundation brush and blending it out with a stipple brush ( I used a Stipple Brush from Crown) .

Step 13 : I then powdered my face using MUD Lemon Highlight Powder with a big fluffy face brush (Not sure of the brand had it for years) .

Step 1 : Filled in my entire lip using Nyx 'Natural' lip pencil .

Step 2 : Then I applied a Mac lip-gloss in 'Underage'.

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