£1 Eyeshadows (and there pretty great )

  Dealz and Pounland have recently started selling a inexpensive make up brand called Make up Gallery . If it wasn't for the good comments on there products I probably would have never give theses eyeshadows the time of day because I would think for £1 how could they make a decent eyeshadow ? 
Well I was proven wrong and makes me wonder about the brands with bad quality eyeshadows that are  expensive . If a brand can make a good eyeshadow and sell it for £1 surely a more expensive eyeshadow for a high range brand have no excuse for having a chrappy eyeshadow . 

(without primer)

The eyeshadows are nicely pigmented(as you can see from the picture above and thats with no primer underneath)  , good texture , blends nicely . The only bad thing about this product is that it does tend to have fall out but if you do you do your eyeshadow before your foundation you can just remove the fallout . The packaging is very compact and suprisingly very sturdy . 

There is a selection of colours and finishes from matte to shimmer . Most of the colours are earthy tones theres not much vibrant colours . I bought two eyeshadows one was matte black and the other was matte plum . I am getting a lot of use out of them both . The plum is perfect in the crease of the eye to create depth . The black is a nice staple for anyones make up kit . My friend also has the bronzer and its  amazing so I will definitely getting one of those . 

For £1 theses are definitely worth purchasing ! Theres not much you can get theses days for £1 .

So there you have it a small review on Poundland eyeshadows . Have you tried any products from the Make up Gallery , if so let me know what you thought in the comments below .

Thanks for reading , hope you all enjoyed .

Alannah x

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