Khloe Kardashian Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

I seen Khloe Kardashian post this picture on instagram and knew straight away that I wanted to write a blog post about it . Blue eyeshadow is an eyeshadow colour that seems quite daunting , but she definitely pulls it off . Todays blogpost (which you probably know already from the title) is a tutioral inspired by Khloe Kardashians make up in the picture above. The make up artist that created this look was Mario Dedivanovic.  Its not a complete copy I made a few tweaks here and there . On a side note I thought I looked tan in theses photos and beside khloe I look so pale (and I am wearing a foundation a few shades darker ) . So even pale girls can wear this look ! Yipeee

I am currently writing this at 1:30 am and I am fighting sleep , I will have a lot of typeos to correct tomorrow .

Step 1 : The key to healthy looking skin is all about the prep Cleanse , Tone , Moisturise to have a clean moisturised base for the make up to apply beautiful on top .

Step 1 : Fill in your waterline and tightline with a black eye pencil .
Step 2 : Prime your eyelid .
Step 3 : Set your eyelid primer to make the eyeshadow applied on top more easy to blend .
Step 4 : Apply some dark blue eyeshadow to the the outer and inner corner of your eyes with a dome eyeshadow brush .
Step 5 : Blend it out but leave a space free in the centre of your eyelids .
Step 6 : With the same dark blue colour apply it underneath your waterline .
Step 7 : Apply a shimmer light blue/silvery colour to the centre of your eyelid .
Step 8 : Apply mascara.
Step 9 : (Optional step ) Apply fake eyelashes , in the picture Khloes eyelashes are very long with not much volume , like she's wearing really long individuals . I wore a strip lash that were long and wispy .

Step 1 : Brush your brows .
Step 2 : Fill in your eyebrows .

Step 1 : I applied a foundation using a medium coverage foundation and applied it with a stippling brush.
Step 2 : I concealed any blemishes and my under eye bags .
Step 3 :I applied some bronzer as contour to warm up my complexion.
Step 4 : I highlighted the tops of my cheekbones , my cupids bow ( above my lip ) and the centre of my nose .
Step 5 : I applied some blush to the apples of my cheeks . I used a matte warm rose coloured blush.

Step 1 : I applied some lip balm .
Step 2 : I lined my lips , very very slightly overdrew them .
Step 3 : I applied a peachy nude matte lipstick .
Step 4 : I lastly but not least applied some lipgloss over the top.

Product List 

Make up Remover : Bioderma 

Light blue eyeshadow : Coastalscents ultra shimmer palette


Highlighter: Sleek Highlighter
Blush: Sleek Blush


Hope you all liked this blog post , I certainly had fun creating this look . If you have any blog post suggestions or any questions feel free to comment below . 

Whats your opinion on blue eyeshadow ? Interested to know . 

Thanks for reading. 

Alannah x 


  1. such a gorgeous makeup look! You look stunning :)

  2. Such a pretty look, I've been trying to do more colourful eye makeup looks for nights out, so I'll be trying this one next!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Thanks :) you definitely should give it a go :)