Jlo Feel the Light - Make up Tutorial


Todays step by step tutorial is on one of the make up looks from Jennifer Lopez new music video Feel the Light . I love all three looks from the music video but this one is definitely my favourite . This tutorial was fun to create ,it really reminds me of a make up look from the 80s . I usually prefer taking my photos in natural day light but since it was dark when I did this make up look I had to resort to flash photography which kind of washed out the colours . The eye shadow in person is more of a pinky purple shade .

Lets get started :


Starting with the eyes so any fall out from the eyeshadow can be easily removed .
Step 1 : Prime your eyelid using an eyelid primer or concealer .

Step 2 : Apply a pink shadow all over your eyelid up until your socket , bring in up above your socket in the inner corner and under your eyes .

Step 3 : Blend like there's no tomorrow .

Step 4 : Add some purple eye shadow on top of where you applied the pink eyeshadow using a eye shadow brush .

Step 5 : Blend with a fluffy blending brush make sure there's no harsh lines.

Step 6 : Line your tight line (the inner part of your upper lash line) .

Step 7 : Line your waterline with a blue eyeliner pencil .

Step 8 : Draw a black line of eyeliner on your eyelid , keeping it as close as you can to your natural lashes .

Step 9 : Apply fake eyelashes.



Step 1 : Fill in your eyebrows using your favourite brow product then brush them up ever so slightly .


Step 1 : Moisturise .

Step 2 : Illuminate using and illuminator to make your skin have that jlo glow .

Step 3 : Foundation .

Step 4 : Concealer under your eyes and any problem areas on your face you might have .

Step 5 : Apply blusher above your cheek bone and don't take it to far into the centre of your face .

Step 6 : Highlight , down the nose and the above the blusher on the cheeks  .


Step 1 : Line your lips using a pinky purple lip liner .

Step 2 : Apply a glossy pinky purple lip-gloss .

 Products I used :
Purple eyeshadow :Make up Gallery Eyeshadow (in Dealz & Poundland)  
Blue eyeliner : Penney's /Primark
Highlighter : Sleek MakeUp Face Form

Hope you all enjoyed this look , not everyone's cup of tea but it was fun to recreate. If you have any questions or blog posts you would like to see feel free to comment below .

What make up tutorial would you like to see next ?

Alannah x


  1. http://veryproper.blogspot.com/2015/04/a-lovely-week-and-creative-bloggers.html Go check! I nominated you for The Creative Blogger's Award! xx

  2. This tutorial is spot on, if not better! Great work!