Clearing Out Your Make Up Collection / Z Palette Review

Hey everyone ,hope everyone had a nice Easter . I for one ate way to much chocolate and had a lovely day with my family .Todays blog post is about downsizing your make up stash / review on the Z palette .
Over the years I have collected loads of make up from freebies from magazines , samples , gifts and things I bought myself . I am such a make up hoarder but decided to do a spring cleaning. I had some things in my collection for years that I didn't like or that where completely smashed or dried up . Most of us always reach for the same items of make up we own when we are doing are make up but when we go to throw out are make up we always imagine ourselves being lost without that bright blue eyeshadow that has zero pigmentation and has only ever been swatched on your hand.
I really recommend being totally ruthless when clearing out your collection , if you haven't used it in the last year your probably never going to use it . If its mascara and its more then 3-6 months (it depends how much air has gotten into the mascara tube ) throw it out . If a product has separated or smashed get rid of it . If you don't use an eyeshadow enough give it to a friend or a sibling . Its all about decluttering .
Think of it this way the more your throw out the more space you have for new make up  . Yippee !Also do your research before splurging on any make up item , if it sounds like what your looking for from the reviews you read then go by it (or pick up a sample ) because there's less of a chance of you not liking the product and your money going to waste . Still a chance but less of a chance .

I recently decided to make and order on the Make up Geek website because I have heard so many good things about the eyeshadows . Since the eyeshadows are sold in pan form I had to buy a Z palette also to store them in .
If I didn't need a Z palette for these eyeshadows I would have probably never have bought one . There the kind of boring thing like Jeans or Primer that are essentials but boring to buy . I really was shocked at how much I love this palette . I got the medium palette in black and it fits around 15 eyeshadows . I only bought five Make up geek eyeshadows to try them out and the other square eyeshadows in the palette are from the Urban Decay NYC palette that they came out with a few years ago . The NYC palette is really clumpy so this makes the eyeshadows more compact and I have been using them more now .
The palette is easily cleaned and sturdy . The clear window comes in handy when you want a quick look at which eyeshadows are in which palettes. The bottom of the palette is all magnetic and with it you get magnetic stickers to stick to the bottom of your make up .
Single eyeshdows , blushers , bronzers anything in pan form can all be in one place , super convenient for travelling .
As always if you have any questions feel free to comment below or any make any suggestions on blog posts you would like to see.

Thanks for reading .
Alannah x

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