Make up Geek Eyeshadows , Worth the Hype ?

Hey everyone , so as you can see my organising didn't really go to plan . In my last blogpost I mentioned that my next blog post would be a loreal true match foundation review . My laptop broke this week so I am kind of all over the place . Anyway enough of that , heres my short but sweet blog post on the Make up Geek eyeshadows . 

Without primer 

With Primer

L-R : Bitten , Mango Tango , Goddess , Latte , Peach Smoothie 

Are the make up geek eyeshadows worth the hype ? Quick answer yes ! Theses eyeshadows are in so many Youtubers videos it kind of made me nervous getting them because of the hype and the fact that a lot of there eyeshadows are sent to theses people . 

After receiving them in the mail less then two weeks after purchasing them (which is really good considering they ship from America and I live in Ireland) 

They are pigmented but not overly pigmented . If that makes sense , you can build up the colour which I prefer instead of heaps of colour on the eyelid that takes a year to blend (a little over exaggerating with the time haha)  . I makes it easier to control your eye look when the colour/pigmentation is blend able. Ive had zero fallout with theses eyeshadows too , so if you apply your foundation before your eyeshadow you should have no worries about looking like a panda . 

They blend like a dream ,  they make every other eyeshadow I own seem hard to blend when you compare them to the make up geek eyeshadows . 

Another good thing about theses eyeshadows is the price $5 an eyeshadow and for the quality of the eyeshadows its an absolute bargain . I didn't get charged for customs if anyone is wondering and the shipping wasn't that expensive . 

I store mine in a z palette which you can also buy from there website . 

I love all the colours I got there all warm colours that I have used a lot since getting them . Peach smoothie and Latte are the perfect eyeshadow transition colours . All theses colours work so well together . 

Definitely buying more of there eyeshadows . Great buy . 

Link to there website : Click Here
Blogpost about there dupe eyeshadows for Mac : Click Here 

Hope you have enjoyed this blogpost  , any blogpost suggestions or questions feel free to comment below . Enjoy the weekend . 

Thanks for reading . 

Alannah x 


  1. I've wanted to try these for a while, these colours are so cute! xx

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

    1. Yeah love theses warm colours they suit every eye colour x

  2. Such pretty shades! i love greek looking makeup :)


    1. Yeah I love warm toned eyeshadows :) Grecian make up is beautiful , definitely want to do a tutorial on that kind of make up in the future :)