2015 Fashion Trend : Metallic Tattoos

Last summer it was henna for this summer I think it will be all about the metallic tattoo jewellery . I have been seeing them all over Tumblr and recently spotted some in Penny's and bought one of the packs they had to offer .

I personally really like them and think there a nice little accessories to add to you outfit .Perfect for the summer festivals and very bohemian . These are only Temporary and will wash off in the shower so its prefect for people like me that get bored easily , you can changed it up whenever you like . When I first applied it I was like oh god definitely hiding my wrist all day haha , but after a few hours it faded slightly and wasn't as in your face, which I preferred .

At the minute Penny's only have two designs , the small ones (little bows) and the larger ones (arrow designs) . I reckon  they will have more designs soon as they are getting more popular . I have also seen some cool designs online that I might purchase when this pack runs out .You can also get ones that looks like jewellery (necklace's , bracelet's etc ). I usually don't really like trends but I am actually really liking this one . By September we will all be sick of them and have a new fashion accessories but till then , the metallic tattoos are staying put .

 Hope you all enjoyed this blog post , feel free to comment below if you have any questions .


  1. I’ve always had my eye on these metallic tattoos. They’d look so nice in the summer!

    Hannah xx