March Beauty Favourites

How is March nearly over ? This year is flying!  Anyhow todays blog post is my March Beauty Favourites (and a few other things thrown in-between) .
Carrefour - Le Duo
I have never heard of this brand before and I think it might be French or Spanish , I received it as a gift . I cant find this anywhere online but the main reason I like this product is for the orangey brown shade . So really I have been just loving warm browns , I think there super flattering on all eye colours .
This necklace is so pretty and delicate . I seen it in River Island and couldn't resist . I love wearing it with blouses .

I have done a mini review about this product on my Instagram and Facebook before but I seriously love this powder . It makes your make up last and stay matte all day . Its very finely milled so it looks invisible on the skin . Ben nye is a stage make up brand so if it can last on stage it can certainly last on a night out  . Its a good price too for the quality of the product . The packaging isn't the fanciest but that doesn't really bother me because of the quality of the product inside. Great price too - Bonus .
 I usally don't like blush on myself because I have red cheeks to begin with but lately I have been reaching for this blush a lot . Its a shimmery blush and apparently a dupe for Nars Orgasm blush . Its a shimmery pinky coral blush and I really like the way it looks on my skin . I love sleek make up its affordable and good quality. This blush makes your skin look glowy and would look amazing with a tan . Its reminds me of something jlo would wear .

 I wish I had found this product sooner  ! All those years of fighting with the hairbrush have finally come to an end thanks to this product . I have long hair that gets matted very easily . If my hairs matted I take this spray ,spritz it through all of my hair then brush through and it really does make such a different you find yourself not tugging half as much on your hair . It smells nice and it makes your hair feel nice and light like your just after coming out of the hairdresser . Its a huge bottle and its lasting me ages .
I got this for Christmas and hide it in my room a few weeks after because I was going through it that fast and wanted to leave it for summer . Its such a fresh perfume(its actually an eau de toilette), it almost kind of smells like there's lemon in it and it is the perfect summer smell . Is one of those perfumes that a lot of people would like and its not too overpowering . Its long lasting too once I apply it I can smell it on myself still throughout the day which doesn't usually happen with an eau de toilette. Next time your in a perfume shop , have a smell.
Why would I need sunscreen I live in Ireland ? The weather has been sunny in Ireland in between the rainy days , but I have been going on walks when it is sunny . In Facial Studies in college we where warned about the damage that sun can cause on your skin so even if its a cold day and I am going for a walk I will still wear sun cream . The sun has a huge impact on your skin aging. This one from boots was a decent price and its quite a high spf . It also adds a nice healthy glow to your face when you apply it and doesn't clog up your pores like some sun creams do. If your going somewhere where there will be flash photography I wouldn't recommend wearing it because it will have flash back .
So that's it for my March Beauty Favourites . My non beauty favourite of this month is the tv show New Girl I have watched them all before but since season four is finished I decided to go back and re-watch the old episodes . Schmidt is my favourite character ever and I just think he is hilarious .
The whole show is funny , I can really describe the kind of humour it is but if you haven't watched and episode of it before you should watch and episode and see if you like it . Also been loving Nutella on toast , I feel like I'm In primary school again but I'm addicted .

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and if you have any questions or blog posts you would like to see feel free to comment below .
What beauty products have you been loving this month ?
Alannah x