Time saving tips : Shower , Make - up , Hair

Those days where you want an extra 10 minutes in bed or end up with unexpected plans this blog post will hopefully help you in getting ready fast . I have really mastered the art of getting ready fast , super sonic fast . So if your in a rush and trying to read this I will keep it short in sweet .



- Before you get out of the shower rub some baby oil on your skin , oil and water don't mix so it makes drying yourself so much faster . It also makes your skin super soft .

-Talc powder , also helps you get dry faster .

If you don't have enough time for a shower and your hairs looking kind of greasy a top knot bun is your best friend . Spray some hairspray to keep baby hairs looking tame and make it look like your hairs supposed to look that sleek .You could also wear a bright lipstick to distract people from your greasy hair.


- Before I dry my hair I apply face moisturiser so by the time I get to applying my make up the moisturiser has already settled into my skin .
- Dry your hair upside down .Not sure if its in my head but I think it does makes a little bit of a difference in how fast your hair dries .

- I usually nearly fully dry my hair with a hairdryer then do my make up and by the time my make up is finished my hair is fully dry .

- If your hairs not  fully dry put some mousse in it or put it in a plait , the moment It dries it will have a nice wave.

Make up

- Eyebrows first if you have none like me .

- I then blend out a brown eye shadow in my crease . (optional)

- Some mascara.

- Foundation

- Concealer

- Bronzer

- Lip-gloss (because Kylie Jenner lips are to time consuming)

If your really stuck for time putting your make up on in the car is also an option.


- A Jumper and jeans is my go to because its easy to wear and your don't have to think of what jacket to go with what top . Throw on a necklace and your good to go ( after you put on shoes of course) .

- Shoes that are easy to slip on , pumps or boots . Nobody got time for tying laces .


- Essential, to make you smell like a princess .

Hope this helps if you ever get in a situation where you have to leave the house in 30 minutes or less .
Comment below if you have any other tips on getting ready in a hurry .

Alannah x

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