Best Face Primer ? Men's Shaving Balm ?

'Why the heck are you buying that Alannah ?' is the question I got from my friend(and everyone else) while buying this in Superdrug . Well what if I told you it was an amazing face primer , yes you read that right, FACE PRIMER!

I was watching one of Nikkie Tutorial's Youtube videos a while back where she mentioned that this Nivea Men post shaving balm worked really well as a primer . I recently decided to put it to the test .

One of the main ingredients in this product is glycerine which makes things have that kind of tacky sticky feel so this really helps your make up stick and stay in place . When you initially pour some of the product out the consistency is really liquidy so you don't need very much for your whole face . I pat it into my skin then leave it for around five minutes so it becomes less tacky in the way it feels . The manly smells goes away once the balm is dried in so don't worry about going around smelling like a man . The consistency is more of a liquidy serum texture rather then a balm/ moisturiser texture .

I personally never have really any serious problems with my foundation lasting power but I know with this product that my foundation will look the same even after 10 hours wear .

So if you have any man in your life , steal there nivea men shaving balm and your make up  will stay put all night .

Have you tried this product as a primer yet ?

Alannah x

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  1. It is really that good? I've been looking to replace my primer but if this is as good as Nikkie and you make it out to be, I guess I should definitely try this one out! :) Thankssss!