Top 10 Youtube Beauty Gurus

Youtube is probably my favourite website on the internet , since I first found out about Youtube years ago I have been watching videos on the website religiously . There is so many great Youtubers I watch but here is a list of my favourite Beauty /Fashion related Channels with a little bit of information about them  . In no praticiuar order .

1. Desi Perkins- 1 million Subscribers

She is just flawless , here make up skills are insane and she shows her funny personality through her videos . She uploads usually once a week , she's also very popular on Instagram .

2.Allie Sevdalis - 82k Subscribers

I have been watching here videos since she started Youtube about 6 years ago , really chilled easy to watch videos .

3. Shani Grimmond- 473k Subscribers

First followed her on Tumblr then she started Youtube and is doing really well for herself , she's young , trendy and has a great funny personality that makes her videos fun to watch .

4. NikkieTutorials 1 million Subscribers

You all probably heard of her because she's pretty internet famous , Nikkie creates pretty dramatic night out kind of looks and is very funny in her videos .Nikkie is from the Netherlands but has amazing English I thought for a good while that she was actually American .

5. Lisa Eldridge - 1 million Subscribers

Unbelievably talent celebrity make up artist Lisa Eldridge worked on 10 years younger , Kim Kardashian , Emma Roberts , Kiera Knightly and many more A-List Celebrities . She now works for Lancôme after previously working for No7 . Here career is just something else and proof hard work pays off . None of Lisa videos are sponsored so if she likes something , you better run out and get it because that's most definitely her honest opinion .

6. Kathleen Lights - 1 million Subscribers

American Beauty Guru with a bubbly personality and great make up skills . Her videos are very easy to watch and she uploads a few times a week .

7. Carli Bybel - 3 million Subscribers

Such a lovely successful woman that I've watched for years . Her style is very classy and she's previously worked as a freelance make up artists so she knows her stuff .

9. Lily Pebbles - 309k Subscribers

Lily  Pebbles Youtube channel along with her blog are amazing , she's very professional but humble and I trust every recommendation she has . My favourite videos of hers are ones where she reviews products . Her friend VivannaDoesMakeup is also a very good Youtuber /Blogger (kind of cheating by adding her to the list) .

9. Melanie Murphy - 271k Subscribers 

Such a nice positive Irish Youtube channel . Melanie always mixes up her content to make her channel interesting , I love how she's not afraid to talk about important topics that are not just all make up and fashion , she keeps it real with her viewers .

10.Pixiwoo - 1 million Subscribers

Last but not least the Youtube legends , Sam and Nick Chapmen . Creators of Real Technique make up brushes , previously make up artist before Youtube they have all the make up experience that with the humble personalities I'm sure any one of you will enjoy there channel .

There is so many more channels that I can list off the top of my head but these are the channels I watch most . Definitely check out all these channels and see for yourself , there pretty talented group of beauty gurus .

Who's your favourite beauty guru ?

Alannah x

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  1. These all seems like such talented ladies, and a few of them I am already a regular watcher of!