Contouring Made Quick And Easy - Kiko Contouring Pencil Set

Remember those Smashbox contouring sticks that came out awhile back that I included in my make up wish list? Well I didn't get round to buying them but I recently came across those beautiful products  . Smashbox contour sticks retail at £35 and the Kiko contouring pencil £9.90 .

These pencils are very creamy and pigmented . I highlight and contour my usual areas of my face (full blog post here) I blend the contour out with a stippling brush or and angled brush . It blends out really easily then sets and stays put all day . The contour shade is that perfect in between shade of not being too ashy or too warm so it gives definition without your skin looking dull . The highlighter really brightens up the face too. I'm a sucker for cute make up packaging and this rose gold and pink packaging is just beautiful .

Its so handy for anyone in a rush and really compact . If you were in the market for contouring and highlighting products I would buy this over the Smashbox one and save yourself the money .Even though I haven't got the Smashbox highlighting and contouring sticks I can't see how they could make contouring sticks any better then this . I purchased a few other things from Kiko also and there such good quality for the price. Honestly cannot fault this product at all . They are limited edition though so I would advise buying sooner rather then later . The light set is all sold out but I bought the medium to dark set and it still works well on my light skin .

Here's a link to where you can buy them on there website : Click Here

Have any of you tried these contouring pencils yet or the smashbox set ?

Monthly favourites blogpost will be up soon , its hard to believe its nearly September .This year is going so fast .

Alannah x

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