Simple DIY - Make-Up Brush Organiser / Holder

Something a little different today as I was stuck in the house all day yesterday with no company , internet or transport I decided to get creative which I sadly don't do very often anymore . I came up with this DIY idea a while back but never got round to creating using things that are laying around most peoples house I created a make up  brush holder that can help you keep your eye, lip and face brushes separate . You could even use it for lip liners or eye pencils . I went with a pastel polka dot theme but you can use whatever colours you like . You could also label them to keep them more organised for example Lips , Eyes , Face . Its easy to make and inexpensive  .

What you'll need :

- The cardboard tube from the centre of toilet roll 
- Colourful Paper
- Ribbons
- Glue Stick
- Scissors
- Cereal Box (or cardboard)
- Pebbles (to put inside the brush holder)

Step 1  : Start by cutting your paper , you want it to be wide enough to cover the roll and longer then the tube in length so you can glue it inside the tube .

Step 2 : Cover the tube with glue then roll the paper around it making sure the roll is completely covered .

Step 3 : At the top of the tube where the paper is longer then the tube cut a few little upside down triangle shapes around it . This makes it easier to fold the edges inside the tube and glue them down  .

Step 4 : Repeat this on all of the tubes .

Step 5 : Then at the bottom of the tube where the decorative paper is too long cut some upside down triangles to make it easier to stick down to the bottom of the make up holder .

Step 6 : Trace the shape of the tubes onto cardboard from a cereal box .

Step 7 : Cut out what you have traced on the cardboard .

Step 8 : Glue the bottom edges of the tubes to the cardboard .

Step 9 : Put some decorative pebbles into the holders to keep them balanced and stop them from falling over when you put your brushes in them .

Step 10 : Organise your make up brushes into the right holder .


If anyone tries this DIY out let me now how you get on . Its fun doing something a little different from my usual content . Hope you all have a nice week .

Alannah x

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