'No Make Up' Make Up

This tutorial is on the 'no make up look ' , a very natural make up look that makes you look presentable , its quick and easy .
Step By Step
Step 1 : I apply a moisturiser to my face first to give my skin a natural glow.
Step 2 : I concealed under my eyes , my eyelids and any redness on my face . I used a light weight concealer so it was invisible on the skin . You could also use a bb or cc cream for natural coverage .
Step 3 : With a dark brown eye pencil I worked the eye pencil into my upper lash line , into the roots of the lashes to thicken up my lash line .
Step 4 : I applied a light coat of mascara .
Step 5 : Using and angled eyeliner brush with a brown eyeshadow I filled in my eyebrows with light strokes .
Step 6 : I applied a light brown eyeshadow to my eyelids with a fluffy blending brush.
Step 7 : With a pink lipstick I applied some to my finger and dabbed it on my lips to add a subtle tint to my lips .
Step 8 : I applied some lip balm to my lips to moisturize them  .
Step 9 : I added some cream blush to my cheeks with a stippling brush . Cream blush tends to look more natural on the skin .
Step 10 : I applied some nude eyeliner to my inner lash line to make my eyes more awake looking .
This is a very natural look but I have more creative looks coming on my blog , which are my favourite kind of make up looks to do .
Alannah x

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