3 Tips for Blended Eyeshadow

If your finding it getting that gradually blended out smokey eye this is the blogpost just for you . Here I have written three tips that really help achieve that blended eyeshadow look . Some of you may already do theses three things but if you don't you should because they make such a difference .

Tip 1 : Apply eyelid primer to your eyelids . This makes the eyeshadows more pigmented , stay on and not crease . It also cancels out the pigmentation from veins etc from your eyelid leaving you with a blank canvas to work on .

Tip 2 : Set your eyelid primer with a neutral shade eyeshadow . I usually use a cream coloured eyeshadow with a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush over the eyelid primer  , this makes blending out your eyeshadow easier and it blends out evenly instead of going blotchy .

Tip 3 : Use a transition shade . Game changer , this really create that blending out smokey look . With a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush blend a shadow that's lighter then the colour in your crease into your eye socket . This creates a nice gradual fade from eyeshadow into skin .

That's it for todays blogpost , hope you all had a nice weekend and I will have a new blog post up again shortly .

Alannah x

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