How to : Highlighting and Contouring

Contouring has got ridiculously popular over the last two years and believe it or not its been around way before Kim Kardashian started doing it . Contouring is the art of shading , creating shadow to give the illusion of thinner more sculpted features . Highlighting is the opposite ,when you highlight your drawing attention to the highlighted part of your face .

Powder or Cream ?

Cream Highlight Contour
There is no right or wrong here its just up to personal preferences . Cream contouring (when applied very lightly ) can have a more skin like natural look . But I find it can take longer to apply and blend out .

Powder Highlight Contour
Powder is faster to apply and blend out . When I'm in a rush and want a bit of contouring I always resort to powder .

You can also use both for a more dramatic contour and to set the cream contour in place .

Favourite Highlight & Contouring Products

When I am cream contouring and highlighting I use the Graftobian Hd Glamour Crème Palette . It has loads of shades that are very blendable . This is a great versatile palette great for any make up artists kit .

When I am contouring with powder I use Smashbox contour palette which I couldn't recommend more . Three shades that are the perfect contouring shades not too warm or not too ashy . Mirror , small compact packaging great for on the go , comes with a brush and tips on how and where to apply it . Such a brilliant product .

There is loads more contouring products on the market including the ever so popular Anastasia Beverly Hills contouring palette. Which I have yet decided wither I want to buy it or not after hearing lots of mixed reviews .

Matte or Dewy ?

For contouring you need to use a matte product to create shadow and dimension.
For highlighting you can use matte or shimmery products , but I would only apply shimmery highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones , centre of your cupids bow and tip of your nose . Highlighting with a shimmery highlighter in more places on your face will make you look  like a vampire from Twilight. I apply matte highlight to the rest of the places .

Where to Contour?

I for example contour down the sides of my nose , to make it look slimmer , under my cheekbone to give myself more chiseled cheekbones , under my jawline to soften my jawline and my temples and forehead to make my forehead look smaller . If you for example have a really small nose , there's no point of you contouring it , if you have a small forehead there's no point in you contouring it because it will only make it smaller .

Here's a guide on where to contour and highlight your face shape .

What brush do you use ?
When using powder contouring and highlighting products I like to use an angled fluffy brush . The handy brush that comes with the Smashbox contour kit is perfect .
For cream contouring and highlighting I like to squeeze my stippling brush to apply the product with more control then when the product applied to the area I want I stop squeezing the brush and blend it out .
Cream Contouring Step By Step
Step 1 : I applied a lighter foundation from the Graftobian HD Glamour Crème palette using a flat foundation brush to apply it . To the centre of my forehead , under my eyes , centre of my nose and centre of my chin.
Step 2 : Using a smaller brush with a foundation darker then my skintone I contoured down the sides of my nose , centre of my cupids bow , under my cheekbone , below my lips , my jawline , my temples and the top of my forehead .
Step 3 : I blended out my contour to make it more natural looking with a damp beauty blender .
Step 4 : I then applied some foundation with a stippling brush .

Powder Contouring Step By Step
Step 1 : I applied my foundation with a stipple brush .
Step 2 : Using a powder brush I applied a matte highlighting powder under my eyes , centre of my forehead , centre of my chin and down the centre of my nose .
Step 3 : I then went ahead using bronzer to warm up by face and as a transition colour for my contour .
Step 4 : Using a small angled powder brush I contoured the sides of my nose , temples , top of my
forehead , jawline and under my cheekbone .
So that's that, if there's anything I haven't covered comment or message me with your questions and I will get back to you .

Hope you all have a nice week .
Alannah x

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