Make up Haul : Smashbox , Nyx , Essence & More

Hey Everyone ,
I haven't bought new makeup in a while now so I decided to do a little shopping . I went to boots and another local chemist for these products . I must say there is some really interesting make up products out right now by a lot of brands . I also eyed up the L'oreal infallible foundation and the Maybelline nude palette which I can see being future purchases  !
What I bought at Boots :

I went into boots and the first thing I picked up was the smashbox contour kit , which actually looks more amazing in person then it does in the pictures. The contour shades have a lovely texture and perfect colour . Not too cool where your look like a corpse or warm toned where you look orange, its the perfect balance in between . As you can probably see by the picture I didn't end up buying it  because I seen more things that were necessities  .
Eyelure Lashes Style 100 -  Triple Pack
Eyelure lashes are nice , light weight easy to but on and you can get good wear out of them if you keep them in good condition . They are quite expensive though , but I was running low on fake eyelashes and could justify spending the extra money . I usually order my fake eyelashes on  . Amazing website , fast shipping, loads of selection and they always have promo codes for an even more discounted price .

Smashbox Primer Water
Heard so many good things about this product so I decided I would invest. I like the concept of a spray prier so I will see how it goes . Expect a review on this in the near future .

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Long Wear Hydrating Foundation
I am currently in the look for good hd photograpy foundations for my kit
so decided to give this foundation a go . Haven't heard anyone talk about it before but it could possibly just be a hidden gem , we'll see I guess .

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer 
When I swatched this in the shop I loved how pigmented this concealer was . It will make a good job of covering up my dark under eye bags . It has a handy applicator althought its not the best for  hygiene . It is an under eye concealer though so I wouldn't recommend it for spots because they would end up spreading like wild fire.

What I bought at a local chemist :

Nyx White Eyeliner Pencil
Something I always have in my kit , absolute essential .

Kiss Individual Classic Flair Combo lashes
The kiss lashes are really good quality for the price only thing I would have to say is the long individual lashes are far too long .

Kiss Lashes in Diva 02
The usual Kiss eyelashes I would go for if I needed them would be the Natural style but they didn't have any in stock so I opt for this style . Not the usual style I go for in lashes but change is good I guess , never know they might end up being my new favourites .

Essence Oh So Matt Lipstick
I always use this lipstick on clients in work. Its matte but it doesn't dry out your lips and is very pigmented . Very inexpensive too . (Yay says your wallet) Some nude lipsticks don't suit a lot of people but this one is like the perfect nude suits so many complexions .

Essence Oh So Matt

That is it for my haul ,  I will have another blog post up later this week so be sure to check back .

Any questions or blog post you would like to see feel free to comment below.

Alannah x

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  1. Sound like a lot of interesting products! I am especially curious about the smashbox primer water!