What to pick up in France - French Pharmacy Shopping List

One of the first blogs on my blog was about french skincare products from the pharmacy (click here to read it) . Since then I have collected quite a few bits from french pharmacies . I thought since its summer and some of you might be going on holidays to one of my favourite countries France this guide/shopping list will come in handy to any skincare lovers. You can find inexpensive but great quality skincare in france .In no particular order heres a shopping list :

Miceller waters have become really popular lately and this one is the original . Cant beat an original . It had to be included I have gone through three bottles of this stuff . Its just a really great product especially for make up artists because you can remove the clients make up without leaving there skin oily like a lot of make up removers . Your skin feels refreshed after using this . It isn't supposed to replace cleansing and toning though as cleanser and toner work further into the skin and thoroughly remove everything on your face. Its a handy product to have. Works well on all skin types .

In that blog post many moons ago I mentioned that I wasn't the biggest fan of this product and since then I have completely changed my mind . Its such a versatile product you can use it as a toner , on burns , skin irritations , razor burns and it helps soothe the skin . I don't use this product everyday but I do reach for it when I have a breakout , want to remove any oils from my skin or spray it on a cotton pad then rub it over my eyebrows after plucking them to calm down the redness . 

Full blog post here . Just something different from whats available here , its a very hydrating matte looking lip balm . It keeps my lips moisturised for hours . It also smells beautiful !

4 . Eau Thermale Avene
I like applying this mask at least once a week for a moisturiser boost . I recommend this for dry to normal skins it nourishes the skin and calms any redness .

5 . Caudalie Beauty Elixir
I really like this product for freshen up my face ,  give my skin a healthy glow or first thing when I wake up in the morning to wake myself up  . The smell is very medicinal . There is a cheaper version of this by Caudalie which skin expert kathryn hirons prefers so I would maybe opt for that version if your on a budget .

6 . La Roche Posay - Effaclar duo
Quite a well known La Roche Posay product . Did not like this at all when I first got it . It has a very pungent lemony , window cleaner smell and I was very hesitant putting it on my skin . One week when I started to get a few breakouts on my chin I took the plunge and applied it on that night .
The next morning  my skin was nearly fully cleared . It made some different . I don't use this product all the time because its more suitable for oily skin but its good on those occasions where you have a bad breakout. On there website it says that it works on sensitive skin which I personally think it wouldn't because of the strong scent in the product .

7 . Peggy Sage Lipsticks
Never heard of this brand but my brother picked them up for me as a gift in Paris . Amazing pigmentation and not drying in the slightest . Love the sleek packaging also . Not positive about the price but I think there relatively cheap  .

8 . Embryolisse  - Lait Creme
Great everyday moisturiser which is featured in lots of make up artists kits . Nice rich moisturiser that hasn't got a scent and works on most skin types. Really inexpensive . I have gone through a few of these .

9. Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum
My skin drinks this stuff , literally once I apply it to my skin my skin is like yay . The title of the product the perfect fit. It has a very liquidy texture . Great step for before moisturising for girls that have really dry/ dehydrated skin .

10.Night Moisturizer Cream Crème Prodigieuse
When I got this I literally thought the container was empty . Its so lightweight . The moisturiser itself has a lovely buttery texture and a nice fresh smell like most of Nuxe products . When you wake up in the morning your skin feels ready for the day .I can even go without moisturising the morning after .

So thats it for the french pharmacy shopping list , print this out and take it on your trip . If your not going to France this summer you can always order them online .

Hope everyone is having a nice week .

Au Revior (sorry I had too haha) ,

Alannah x

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  1. Great recommendations! I must try them out

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