Colourful Winged Eyeliner

Can you tell I'm a fan of blue eyeliner ? Winged eyeliner is one of the staple things I do in my everyday make up look . Lately I have been trying to incorporate more colour into my everyday make up  . I wanted something not to drastic but different . I went for my usual winged eyeliner except this time in a different colour . I went for blue . I used a water activated face paint to create both looks above but Inglot and Urban Decay also have some fun coloured eyeliners . Even if you have an eyeshadow or pigment that you like the colour of you could mix it with some Inglot duraline to make your own coloured eyeliner . Its a fun simple way to switch up your make up .

Hope you all enjoyed this blogpost . There will be another blog post coming later this week so don't forget to check back .

Are you a fan of this colourful make up ? Comment below your thoughts and any other questions you may have .

Thanks for reading ,
Alannah x


  1. What brand did you use? I've never heard of body paint that's water-activated that lasts all day on the eyelids, it sound amazing!

  2. Love this palette its by wolfefx its so pigmented as well

  3. i really want to try this, it looks awesome on you!

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