Favourite Mascara : Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Review

I have bought about 100 tubes of this mascara (maybe a slight exaggeration) but I have bought so many of them I have lost count .

When I was younger I was all into the voluminous(what I thought was voluminous but were really just clumpy looking) and long lashes using mascara primer an several different mascaras . Which is a waste of time and money to be perfectly honest . I am the complete opposite now . I can't stand the feel of clumpy eyelashes , I like a mascara that is very black , that separates & gives length . This mascara does all that.

The wand is my favourite thing about this mascara . Its a nice small so you can get to the inner corner and bottom lashes easily and it distributes the perfect amount of product . If you were to layer this mascara it still wouldn't clump because of the amazing separating wand . The look you will receive with this mascara is really black , separated , long but natural looking eyelashes . If I want more drama I would just use fake eyelashes instead of layering mascara .

The consistency is quite drier then a lot of other mascaras . I prefer this because it doesn't take long to dry and if you have naturally long eyelashes you wouldn't have the problem of your mascara hitting the top of your eyelid and ruining your make up .

So if your like me and hate the feel of clumpy mascara on your eyelashes you'll love this mascara . If you like spidery lashes it probably isn't the mascara for you .  Its perfect for natural everyday wear .

You can buy the mascara here  . At a very reasonable price . I throw out my mascara every few weeks so I can't justify spending €30 on a mascara . 

Have you tried this mascara ? If so what are your thoughts on it ? 

Alannah x 


  1. Maybe I should opt for this next time? I'm looking for a new mascara in my clients kit, I'm not to concerned about the wand though since I'm using separate ones.. But if the formula so great for that price I'm up for it :D

    1. Yeah you should definitely check it out ! :)