Top 3 Pharmacy Drugstore Products + Sarah Ailison

This is my first video where I am actually talking in up on my Youtube channel featuring a friend of mine , Sarah who also has a Youtube channel . I really think videos are a nice extra with a blog post .

Her Youtube channel is all about , beauty , make up fashion lifestyle and helpful videos . She has started a series for college freshers giving all kinds of advice for students in there first year of college . We also did a video on Sarah's channel that will be up soon .

Sarah's Youtube Channel : Click  Here .

My Youtube Channel : Click Here .

I will be uploading Halloween tutorials soon , so keep an eye out for that .

Links to Products Mentioned
Sarah's Top 3 Products
My Top 3 Products

Next blog post will be up on Friday . Thanks for reading/watching and hope you all have a nice week .

Alannah x

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