Cut Crease Video Tutorial

Who doesn't love a good cut crease ? I recorded this video a while back but never got round to editing it but after finding a picture of the cut crease the last day I decided to go ahead , edit the video and upload it . No joke uploading it took a full day , the internet in the countryside in Ireland is really slow.

This cut crease is very wearable for a night out , I used browns and cream because I wanted it more Hollywood glamour and not borderline drag (as much as I love how skilful drag queens are at make up) .

With a cut crease you want it blended but not completely blended out , you want to see the 'cut' . I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Dark Brown (originally meant for your eyebrows ) first then started blending it out with a brown eyeshadow  ,I then started building up the colour my repeating this step a few times. To make the cut more defined I apply concealer below the cut crease then packed on some cream eyeshadow to set it .

Check back next week for and exciting video . Going to start getting into videos more because there easier to recreate then reading a step by step , so please subscribe to my Youtube channel to keep up to date .  Hope you all have enjoyed reading .Have a nice week everyone .

Have you ever tried a cut crease ?

Alannah x

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