New Love For Lipgloss

From doing make up all the time you sometime come across ways ,tricks or products that make you life a whole lot easier and you wished you had of known about them before to save you a lot of time . I have recently started using lipgloss on the daily (<who even says that) and cant believed I been without it for so long . I have always been the kind of girl who spends all of her time creating the perfect(look who's cocky) winged liner and ends up running out the door with nothing on my lips (sorry lip product lovers) . Lipgloss used to annoy me so much especially with having long hair , if the wind blew in the wrong way I would end up with a mouth full of hair (which is not fun).

Lipgloss works wonders on my mature woman , there lips tend to be thinner and with lip liner and lip-gloss they turn into Angelie Jolie (maybe slightly over exaggerated) the glossiness creates the illusion of bigger, fuller lips . I am not a fan of sticky lip glosses though.

The pictures I have included with this blog post are some of my favourite lipglosses.  I would do a review on all of these lipglosses but there all very alike non -sticky, a nice mild scent and glossiness with pigment but not to much pigment (which I like for when I wear lipstick underneath and still want to be able to see the lipstick)  , I know what I like when it comes to lipgloss .

If your new to lipgloss I recommend you trying out 'Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss In Dazzle Glow' its a sheer gloss with a pink sheen to it , a natural lip gloss and a dark smokey eye are the perfect combination for a night out make up look .



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