Make Up Forever HD Foundation - Review

Why did I ever stray from this foundation is the question I'm asking myself? I bought make up forever HD foundation a few years ago at Imats London . I loved make up at the time but I don't think I fully appreciated this foundation . After trying and testing so many foundations from high end to low end , this foundation comes out as one of my favourites .

Two disappointments lately where the Smashbox and Chanel foundation that I splurged out on that didn't quite have the quality that I thought there hefty price tag deserved . This foundation although expensive is worth every single Penney .

This foundation lasts so well . I will apply it early in the morning and it will still be perfect till night time . Even if I go to the gym with this on it will still be half decent on my face when I am finished  . Most other foundations end up disappearing .

I would say its the perfect balance between thick and liquidy . Its the perfect in-between balance of Mac studio fix to Chanel aqua foundation .

The finish it leaves on the skin is matte . Its so seamless and really looks airbrushed . Its made for HD television so its made to last well under lights , cameras and be undetectable on the skin .

Its a light to medium coverage foundation but could be worked with to create a full coverage . With two pumps you will achieve a nice natural complexion and just build it up for the look you desire .

Colour Range
Make up forever have such a good colour range with 26 different skin tones ranging from pale to dark .

Price And Where You Can Purchase It
Price wise its on the expensive side , but unlike some expensive foundations I can honestly say its worth every penny . You can buy it on the Make Up Forever website or in a Make Up Forever shop . I bought mine on Guru Make up Emporium  for £29 .

The brand has and Ultra HD foundation out as well now that I would love to try . Anyone in the market for a flawless in real life and on camera foundation , this is it . An old reliable .

Thanks For Reading ,
Alannah x


  1. This looks like such a good foundation, I have a friend who tried this after the one I am using, NARS sheer glow, and she loved this just as much, and it's actually a couple of pennies more affordable as far as I can see, so when I am traveling abroad I'll try to pick it up!


    1. Really want to try the Nars sheer glow heard a lot of good things about it , you should definitely try get your hands on this foundation though , its flawless ! Thanks for Reading :)

      Alannah x