Thoughts On Fake Make-Up

Something I have wanted to write about for a while now is 'fake make up ' . The kind of make up you would find on websites like 'Alliexpress' , cheap make up that copies well known make up brands products .

The word 'dupe' is used a lot by beauty bloggers but this is different , a dupe is a product that are not trying to exactly copy another make up products. They have there own  name , own packaging and just happen to be similar and cheaper then and expensive brands products .

I just want to state I am not talking about brands like 'Maybelline' or 'Loreal' from the chemist . I am talking about those fake designer make up products that claim they are authentic . When buying make up quality really is the main thing .If your buying mac at a market stall I can almost guarantee its fake . Mac only sell there products in there stores and there online website . If you see there make up anywhere else your not guaranteed its authentic .

I also see a lot of fake real technique brushes online . Real technique brushes for the quality are reasonably priced.

What I am trying to say here is save up and buy the real thing instead of buying a lot of bad quality eye shadow just because it says 'Mac' on it .

Quality over Quantity .

Alannah x

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