5 reason you need this eyeshadow colour

Todays Blog post is about my most reached for eye shadow (Inglot Eyeshadow - Matte Brown 342) and who would of thought ? It just looks like a boring old matte brown shadow but trust me you need it. After purchasing the Urban Decay naked 2 palette I realised I was in need of some matte eye shadow for my kit . Too much shimmer eye shadow doesn't look great on older skin as the can sometimes make the wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area more noticeable also you really can go wrong with a matte eye shadow .My friend bought me an Inglot freedom system palette with 3 eye shadows and there was a place for one more eye shadow so when I was in Dublin a while after that I decided to head towards there South Anne Street Inglot store and purchase this eye shadow so that my Inglot palette was complete . Here are 5 reason why I love this eye shadow so much :

1 . The price. €6 ! I personally think its a bargain for the quality and the amount of the eye shadow you get . Mac eyeshadow is €10 and has a lot less product in it .

2 . Works well on every eye colour . Teenagers , Adults , people with green , blue or brown  trust me it will suit you ! Great colour for those who aren't that confident at doing there own make up . Also matte brown will never go out of trend.

3. Its the perfect eye shadow transition colour . Especially with a brown , black or orange smokey eye look. A transition colour is a colour you blend out in the socket line of your eye so you don't have a  harsh lines between your brow bone & your eyeshadow . Your eyeshadow will look well blended and will gradual fade into you skin.

4. Great Eyebrow Colour . Believe or not it works on blondes , light brunettes and red heads . It just depends how lightly or strongly you apply it . I like to use and angled eyebrow brush to apply it and conceal around my eyebrows then to make my eyebrows look more defined .

5. Nicely pigmented . Inglot eyeshadows are probably the most popular product from Inglot because they have a nice texture and are really pigmented . If you don't believe me look up more reviews on there eyeshadows and I am sure they will all say the same.

I have used this eyeshadow in my previous make up looks on my blog , have a look if you want to see this eyeshadow being used .

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