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So here it is , my first haul blog post . I personally really enjoy reading and watching make up and clothes hauls . I recently ordered some Red cherry and Ardell fake eyelashes from A few days later decide to go an purchase Anastasia Beverly Hills pomande dipbrow from after eyeing them up for months . I also mention a bit about my first order for both of these sites.
Cannot fault this website at all . It was my first time buying anything from the website . It is a very user friendly website and I had no hassle at all with it . They have a great selection of eyelashes for reasonable prices . Even the shipping is cheap (free shipping for orders over £15 and £2 shipping for orders below ) . When I  ordered from them I got free shipping because I spent over £15 I also got a gift thrown in (a pair of eyelure natural eyelashes). As while as that ardell demi wispies multipack was at a discounted price of £7.50. Absolute bargain . Not to mention extremely fast shipping ! The eyelashes where in perfect condition when they averaged and they all look like they will be lovely on and blend with your natural eyelashes well (I especially love the Red cherry #43 lashes) . Really cant wait to try them on . If your not sure what eyelashes to buy look at there blog post list about there most popular eyelashes in order Red cherry #43 being there most popular (I can see why) . All in all Im delighted with my order and cant wait to try out these eyelashes . Definitely will be buying eyelashes on this site in the future .

It was also my first time ordering off weirdly enough because I have been on the  website before but because it was .com I automatically thought it was American and that the shipping would be too expensive . I was looking up Anastasia Beverley Hills and seen that it was free shipping at the top of there pages for orders over €13 so I obviously couldn't resist. Free shipping said it would take from 5-10 days (you can pay more for a tracked or express parcel) , it took 11 days which is understandable at this busy time of year . Product arrived in great condition and I am in love with the packaging . If I was to own a make up company this would be the dream packaging , it looks so luxurious ! I ordered two dipbrow's in the shades blonde and dark brown. I found it hard deciding which colour to get cause there's so many . I will have a review with pictures of the product on me in a few weeks and to see do they live up to the hype . It should be interesting be see.

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