Everyday Make Up Tutorial

This make up look is my go to make up . I don't wear make up every single day but I would wear this if I was going shopping , meeting a friend for coffee or anywhere where I want to look somewhat  presentable .

I used to not have a go to make up routine & always changed it up but when your in a rush in the morning its nice to have a set way to do your make up so your not fumbling around your make up bag .

Watch in HD here .

I have recently got semi permeant eyelashes (I'll do a review at a later date) and haven't been wearing winged eyeliner since I have had them on but winged eyeliner is & was always apart of my routine . The more you practice winged eyeliner the faster & better you get at it . Here is a blog post on winged eyeliner if you struggle with it : click here to read .

As for the foundation I used in this video its from Make up Designory and is an airbrush foundation so it is made to go through an airbrush gun . I apply it with a brush though, I like the liquid texture & HD finish .

The products that I use in the video are not my all time favourite products , just products I am using at the moment .

Thanks for reading/watching

Alannah x

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