LVL Lashes & HD Brows

I got LVL lashes & HD lashes done about 4 weeks ago in Beauty House Bridgend & I am really impressed by them.  As you can see from the before photo my eyelashes didn't curl up much , even when I did put mascara on them . My eyebrows where both different shapes & weren't very defined .

LVL Lashes
I genuinely was really cuffed & shocked with the result . I didn't have much expectations before I got them done because I have very little eyelashes & there very straight . But I was shocked after at how long they actually where & thicker then I thought too . I am obsessed with eyelashes anyway . I swear by fake eyelashes . I wouldn't feel the same going on a night out without them . This was so handy though because I didn't mind leaving the house without make up because I had my eyelashes done and all. LVL lashes is a treatment that curls you own natural lashes making them curled up which also gives the illusion of longer eyelashes .

HD Brows
I was always scared of letting anyone go near my eyebrows because I got them badly done in the past leaving them both quite different in shape & too thin for my liking . I like groomed brows but nothing over the top. HD brows is an eyebrow treatment where your eyebrow is shaped & tinted to suit you face . Waxing , tinting , treading & plucking is involved in this treatment . It was so nice not having to fill in my eyebrows before running out the door in the morning after I got the HD brows done. Even when I did fill them in the make up went on a lot better on my eyebrows . I loved the definition and symmetry I have in my eyebrows now.

I would recommend getting both treatments done especially if you have a busy lifestyle as it cuts down the time you might spend putting on mascara& filling in your brows in the morning .

Both treatments are lasting very well . To maintain your HD brows you should get them done every 4-6 weeks . The LVL lashes last up to 6 weeks especially if your looking after them well & using the conditioning serum on them .

Jennifer is the beauty therapist I go to and she's amazing at what she does . Very professional .
If you would like to book in with her this is her page : click here .

She does loads of other beauty treatments too (highly recommend her Bellamianta spray tans)

Thanks for Reading ,
Alannah x

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