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So I have decided to do a blog series where I write blogpost about Make up Artists that I admire . Make up is like art so there is many artists with very different styles . Even if I don't personally like a certain style that's just my opinion and there will be people out there that will like that style so its best to stick to your own style & way you like doing make up . Its art after all not everyone is going to like or dislike the same thing . I am starting off this series with a make up artist I found on Instagram awhile back Patrick Ta .

Patrick Ta is represented by 'The Wall Group' in Los Angeles . 'The Wall Group' is a well known agency for Make up , hair stylist & nail technicians . He has a long list of Celebrity Clients like Gigi Hagdid, Chrissy Teigen , Shay Mitchell , Kendell Jenner & Jenna Dewan Tatum to name just a few .

All his looks are very glamourous & flawless. Since these celebrities are under loads of lights & HD cameras its important for his looks to be really perfected , looking well in person & on camera . I especially love the way he does eyebrows . He does brows that suit the clients face & aren't too drastic . He also creates beautiful radiant skin , once you achieve nice skin it makes a big different to the finishing result of the complete make up look .

He is a self taught make up artist who was discovered through Instagram . How cool is that ? He's list of celebrity clients is just going to get bigger & bigger . What a talented man .

                   Here is a video of him creating flawless foundation : click here to watch .
                                                                 Instagram : Patrickta

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