Simple Brown Smokey Eye | Video Make Up Tutorial

First Post of 2017 ,  Woooo ! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas & New Year . I for one am kind of happy that everything's back to normal . Don't think I could look at another box of chocolates or a glass of wine at this stage .

Watch in HD : Click Here .

I recorded this the morning after New Years Eve so please excuse the messy hair & not so fresh face haha . This look is quite simple to create you just need patience and some good blending brushes . It would go with basically any outfit or lip colour . I did a lot of blending underneath my eyes also , but if that's not your thing or if you have smaller eyes , you can apply less under your eyes .

Product's Listed & Linked
Black Pencil Eyeliner : Ted Baker Black Eyeliner Pencil (from a Boots Christmas Gift Set)
Mascara : Ted Baker Mascara (from a Boots Christmas Gift Set )
Fake Eyelashes : Poundland

What would you all like to see from my blog this year  ? Foundation first impressions seem to go down well , so maybe more of them ? This year I want to focus more on YouTube so expect more videos . You can subscribe to my channel & see more videos by clicking here .

As Always, Thanks for Watching/Reading .

Alannah x

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